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Zoolz 2TB cloud storage. $49.99 for lifetime but use 10% coupon to get it for £35.
Found 14th Oct 2017Found 14th Oct 2017
Zoolz 2TB cloud storage. $49.99 for lifetime but use 10% coupon to get it for £35.
$49.99 for lifetime 2TB cloud storage. 1TB instant access. 1TB cold storage - access in 3 to 5 hours Give them your email in pop-up for 10% off. Brings price down to £35 when … Read more

Still available for another four days and now only £28 Exchange rate £28.03 GBP = $36.00 USD1 GBP = 1.28 USD


Thank you OP



Remember to take it offsite, no use if your house burns down.


Tweedie its a build your own cloud

VPN Unlimited Lifetime subscription for $29 (£23.15) @ Android Central
Found 16th Apr 2017Found 16th Apr 2017
VPN Unlimited Lifetime subscription for $29 (£23.15) @ Android Central
When looking for deals I came across this deal for unlimited VPN access for lifetime. Protect your privacy with this VPN service. I've had a look on the internet and it gets real… Read more
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How is everyone getting on with VPN Unlimited ? Now that this was posted over a year ago it would be great to hear how everyone who purchased it is getting on.


I'm clueless about vpn so sorry in advance for dumb questions: I spend a lot of time in Greece and use a mifi with 3 data card on their roam like home thing. Could I set this up for my macbook or would it have to be through a proper landline router? It'd be nice to access some tv when I'm away. Set up would have to be idiot proof though.....


Gone up to $39 now


Yeah been fine for me so far. Use it on iPad and phone then as a separate network at home when required.


How is everyone getting on with this VPN? Any feedback greatly appreciated.

Zoolz Dual Cloud 2TB Storage: Lifetime Subscription - £40 @ Android Central Digital Offers
Found 28th Mar 2017Found 28th Mar 2017
This deal comes with 1TB Archive backup and 1TB Instant Access Backup for $49.99 which roughly equates to £40. I have ordered a few online digital solutions from these and when yo… Read more

Possibly cos of cloaked ID - AC is same as StackSocial, GDGT and other marketing sites, where the "current" $49.99 deal(s)-10%discount you are referring are at and others


Offer is still available. Click through. Search for similar deals. It comes up as live. I tried to post but was told it's from a non supported supplier.


I last used them about 4 years ago not sure when they formed. Basically the cold storage is a front end for the Amazon Glacier storage but they do not charge you anything apart from the initial fee.


what's the history of this company? would they still be around in 1 year? are they using Amazon S3 to store files (cold storage made me think of Glacier)

VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for $39 (£31.20) @ Android Central
Found 16th Feb 2017Found 16th Feb 2017
VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for $39 (£31.20) @ Android Central
***Price has now increased to $39, but still a good deal. Today only*** Stumbled upon this the other day - $29 for VPN unlimited lifetime subscription. Includes servers in 35 diff… Read more
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From the site you just linked... VPN Unlimited We keep the statistics about the traffic each of users’ device processed. Users’ can find this information in the statistics from within the app. The data is retained for 7 days. We do not provide information about our customers to copyright holders or other third parties. Also, users can check our transparency report on the site to see whether we received any inquiries from the government or not. The report is available at: To this date, we have not received any court notices, therefore, no actions were taken. As we do not log any of the customers’ information or session data.


No mention of Logs or lack of. You buy a VPN for security and anonymity primarily check out alternatives here: I use PIA its great


Bought one of these the other week, cant remember if its this one or one of the 1000 thats out there. Its definitely not unlimited. Complained and got a refund


Yep, don't fall for the lifetime guarantee.... it's pretty much a worthless promise or statement. Lifetime of their product may be 6 months then they bring out a new version, or the company goes broke, or they just decide they want more money and change their terms and conditions. It's basically marketing bull plop


Upgrade to VPN Unlimited: Infinity Plan Only $14.99 Take Lifetime, Make It Infinity with This Cost-Effective Upgrade

500Gb pCloud Lifetime Cloud Storage - £49 @ Android central
Found 24th Dec 2016Found 24th Dec 2016
Less than £50 (exchange rates depend) for a lifetime 500GB Cloud storage. Great iOS and Google apps and Mac/Windows Programs. You've got too many files in your life to effectivel… Read more
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there is a first purchase code available . that brings it down to £45 . deal finishes on 24 jan


Hi. I think android central is simply a reseller so your are signing up with pCloud. All features are Included (crypt is not included but this requires a higher package)


Thanks for posting this, i've been looking into cloud storage as my current provider is being discontinued. PCloud sent me a special offer with 50% off, so 500Gb for $47.88 a year, or 2Tb for $71.88 a year. So this deal is ludicrously cheap compared. The only reason I have not already ordered is in case there is a caveat - eg buying through android central, will I still get the full service? For use on any/all devices?!


Totally agree with you, they all have clauses whereby they can change just about anything as they see fit


I'm pretty sure most services (google, apple, amazon etc) will have T&C's stating they may limit, restrict, discontinue or change the services they provide at any time. Down to personal choice if you go ahead of course.

OnePlus 2 (from £289) or OnePlus X (from £199) - LONDON ONLY - *21st Jan 2016 ONLY*
Found 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
OnePlus 2 (from £289) or OnePlus X (from £199) - LONDON ONLY - *21st Jan 2016 ONLY*
If you're in London and wish to purchase the OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X smartphones, you'll be able to take advantage of free concierge delivery by Henchman for one day only tomorrow (… Read more

The deal here was free, 60 minute del for those who can access it, in central London. Niche, but still a deal...


Any particular reason?


If oneplus is mentioned in a deal it will usually go cold.


Loosing the Cyanogen rights has hurt them as they had to start making their OS them selves from almost scratch.


​well I think most like them...but stock price is not a deal...and the 2nd version was/is a bit of a disappointment. But I assume mostly cause it just list price

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Monument Valley new update Ida's Dream Free on all platforms
Found 25th Jun 2015Found 25th Jun 2015
Monument Valley new update Ida's Dream Free on all platforms
Plus the original game is free today on the Amazon app store Wildly popular puzzle game Monument Valley is preparing for a pretty nice update this week. On June 25, players will g… Read more
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It was free on the day of posting


Not free for me either


Not free


updated, thanks..


brilliant, been on my wishlist for ages!

Motorala 48 Hour Sale - Starts Monday
Found 16th May 2015Found 16th May 2015
Motorala 48 Hour Sale - Starts Monday
Motorola is having a 48 hour sale which starts at midnight on Monday the 18th Moto X - £299 for 16GB and 339 for 32GB Nexus 6 - £449 for 32GB and £519 for 64GB Moto 360 - £149 ht… Read more
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Amazon now have the 64GB Nexus 6 at £519.


The moto x 2014 is a great phone , receiving android updates very fast


Amazon have the 32GB at £449 already.


Thanks, the 32GB is tempting for me (though there's still the LG G3 from for about £310 as well). Not interested in the OnePlus One.


Knock another £100 off the phones Motorola and then I'll consider it :)

Get free/discounted games for android phone/tablet
Found 22nd Dec 2013Found 22nd Dec 2013
Get free/discounted games for android phone/tablet
If you want to get free/discounted games, you can get it from the following ways: 1. Install Amazon apps store and visit the app everyday. Amazon is giving away 1 app every single … Read more
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Watch for combo crew on Samsung free apps. It will be free either tomorrow or day after. It's very nice game that I paid for (I don't buy apps often). Color sheep also nice


Try arcane legends free for a great RPG game imho


I got that problem initially but not afterwards. It seems Amazon has its own way on validating the games.


The only trouble is you have to be signed in to the App store to run the apps afterwards, that's ok on a phone but if you are on a tablet like me, you need wireless access. So if you are out and about it can be a pain.


For fans of simulator games, kairosoft games are on sale 50% off in Amazon appstore. You won't find this very often as they rarely discount their games. It's usually small game which work in most devices but very nice & additive. Big titles are dungeon village, beasty bay, and ninja village.

Spooky savings - android games - various discounts -  1p is just a holder
Found 31st Oct 2013Found 31st Oct 2013
Spooky savings - android games - various discounts - 1p is just a holder
Shamelessly stolen android central, as such, that's where the deal link will take you. Google is getting in the Halloween spirit, and they've got a page full of games with specia… Read more

Site doesn't allow "various" and of if I put 0 I'd get the same idiots. /sigh


At a guess, because the games aren't £0.01


Anyone care to comment as to why cold?