Andy Pandy Bamboo Disposable Baby Eco Nappies, Newborn (2-4kg), 50 ct £8.99 Prime, £12.94 Non-Prime (With Code) @ Amazon

Andy Pandy Bamboo Disposable Baby Eco Nappies, Newborn (2-4kg), 50 ct £8.99 Prime, £12.94 Non-Prime (With Code) @ Amazon

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2-4kg = 4-9lbs

You may have seen my Eco-friendly Naty Deal from Amazon (for Newborns).

Here's another variety, Andy Pandy, made from Bamboo, and it has a 10% off code, courtesy of…tml (though I think it works with any size). Still seems to work - the code is B2BABY10 - see screenprint…ers…-us
"In September 2013, the Hansens introduced their dream diaper into the markeplace: Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo disposable diapers. They spent years of extensive research and testing on all materials and manufacturing processes to ensure the quality and integrity of the eco-friendly diapers. “We will continue to maintain our high level of standards on all products that we introduce to the brand,” the Hansens say."

Reviewed well on Good Housekeeping (US):…rs/

Another summing-up of Andy Pandy Nappies here:…ds/

Choose Andy Pandy Today, Because Your Baby Deserves A Better Tomorrow!

Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers by Hansen Kids, LLC.
5 Star Quality
No Alcohol or Preservatives
Free of Phthalates
No Latex, PVC, TBT, or Antioxidants

Andy Pandy Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers Are Inspired By Love For Our Children And Our Planet.

Why Bamboo?
Soft & silky to the touch, but extremely strong & absorbent
100% biodegradable and does not cause pollution to the earth
A renewable resource that grows incredibly fast without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides
It is Nature's most sustainable resource and is naturally regenerative
Odor resistant
Moisture wicking & thermal regulating capabilities that keep your baby's skin dry & comfortable in hot or cold temperatures
Naturally hypoallergenic & antibacterial, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin

100% bamboo fiber top sheet that wicks moisture away quickly and is super soft and silky smooth against the skin
Elastic waistband that provides a snug, comfortable fit
Flexible side panels that stretch to ensure a better fit and increased comfort for active babies
3-D form fitting design that has efficient leakage barriers to ensure a snug body fit and minimize the risk of leakage
Natural aloe liner to nourish baby's skin
Wetness indicator that lets you know when baby needs to be changed
Ultra breathable back sheet made of perforated 100% bamboo fiber, which allows fresh air to circulate and keep baby's skin dry

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I've ordered some for my pet panda.
I hope he doesn't eat them!
If you're on a budget, or making up a New Baby Bundle like I am, and not so fussed about the Eco aspect, these might be worth buying:

Toujours Newborn Nappies, Size 1, 4-11lbs/2-5kg, 24pk, £1.09…321
31832857-R8SEz.jpgGood reviews from what I can see!…ies

Some might not see a Mumsnet recommendation as a good thing!…htm
"For a product or service to be awarded Mumsnet Rated, it needs to have been tested, rated and reviewed by a sample of Mumsnet users, usually numbering 250 or more. At least three quarters of the testers must agree that they would buy the product again and recommend it to a friend before the product is awarded the Mumsnet Rated seal. It is, therefore, an important indicator of customer satisfaction."

Aldi Mamia are also £1.09 for a Newborn, 4-11lbs/2-5kg, 24pk…401
Both the Aldi and Lidl nappies seem to be similarly reviewed, and many parents rate them better than the big brands!
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Not many reviews on Amazon UK, but lots on Amazon US:…r=1

Some reviewers say that the Newborn size can run a bit big.
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Darn it, the code doesn't seem to work any more, so I'll Expire this
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