Andy's Toy Chest Lots-O Huggin' Bear (instore only) £31.99 @ smyths

Andy's Toy Chest Lots-O Huggin' Bear (instore only) £31.99 @ smyths

Found 15th Oct 2010
Use £5 off voucher for this price, offer ends 17/10/10 i think.
Talk to Lots O Huggin' Bear in interactive bear mode and he'll respond! Press Lotso's paws to hear his 'talking bear' and 'interactive bear' phrases. Tickle his feet to make him laugh and talk! Batteries required. I smell like strawberries! For ages 4years up. Please note due to popular demand this product is limited to one per customer

Voucher valid until 19th Oct - extra 2 days
- lucerysmum
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Good offer but he's so mean, lol!!
yeah, he's the baddie. don't let his good looks fool you!
Think this one is the good one, it was the other one that was bad
well I wouldn't trust him.
Welcome to this Christmas No.1 toy!!!! There's gonna be people fighting for these at some point
He's an evil little tyke, not in anu part of the film is he nice, other than the first 3 mins when they meet him, all Lotso bears should be burned....
Purchased one of these Wednesday and got e-mailed the voucher on Thursday, grrrr! He's worth every penny though.
how do you get the £5 off voucher ? im hoping i can pick one of these up tomorrow, been desperate for one for my son for crimbo
why do we never have stores like this in or near Norfolk Its not fair. I want him and I want him now lol
Nooooo! He's just misunderstood.
ooooh cool.

Do they have one thats just the bear and not interactive?
I have seen one of these and oh my god they stink of sweet stinky chemically strawberry, bleugh!
just remember when you finished playing with him dont leave by the roadside, or else...

ooooh cool.Do they have one thats just the bear and not interactive?

If you go to the disney store, they have an exclusive non talking one which is cheaper. Still smells of strawberries too.
I love this bear but after seeing the film my daughter is terrified of him, hot from me but I won't be taking this deal up heehee
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