Andy's Toy Collection Buzz Lightyear £39.99 @ B&M instore

Andy's Toy Collection Buzz Lightyear £39.99 @ B&M instore

Found 14th Oct 2014
Toy Story's Buzz light year is £39.99 @B&M Seen it today in East Kilbride store.

This is the Andy's Toy collection version that comes in the spaceship box and is currently £44.99 everywhere else.
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I can see people are voting cold already thinking that this the same as the disney store version which it is not. This version is as close to the movie version that you will get.
Does this one gave the button pop out wings?!
this has the blinking lights on the wings is voice activated, Retractable helmet, flip-up wrist communicator and body with sensors for interactive responses Fully poseable with pop-out wings, glow-in-the-dark trim, Multiple lights and SFX

as others have said as close to the movie as your gonna get.

Yup, pop out wings, laser, comms button, gasps if you open his helmet, the works.

Good deal if you want the best one.
Yes it does we have it at home, but here's a video of it

Buzz Light Year
buzzes (hukd)

xmas present sorted
As OP says, this is as close to the movie version as you'll get. Unfortunately the karate chop action seen in the films is impossible when you consider where the wings fold in. Heat from me!
Heat from me! Bought last week for £44.99 and no the one selling in disney store is rubbish compared to this!!! I purchased that one first and the wings continuously broke
Hot they also have the large woody £29.99
This looks brilliant my lil would love it.
Shame people are still voting cold on this, would love someone to show me where they can buy a buzz with the same features for less?
does anyone know if this deal is still available?
I seen some still in store on Tuesday if that helps
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