Angel: Complete Collection 30 discs £49.99 @

Angel: Complete Collection 30 discs £49.99 @

Found 28th Sep 2010Made hot 28th Sep 2010
Every episode from all 5 seasons of the action-packed adventures of Angel Investigations in a single supremely collectible box set!

The vampire Angel leaves Sunnydale for Los Angeles, where he uses his powers to help people. Meanwhile, spoiled Cordelia is trying to make her way in the City of Angels - and her path is destined to cross with Buffy's true love!


Brilliant ! If only I had the money


I've been re watching these recently. Excellent show.

About 6 months too late for me, great price thou...

used to watch this on channel 4 years ago till they swapped it to about 1am in the morning then didnt show season 5 at all!. weird though how a vampire can even have nookie since they have no flowing blood.... oO

It's good value, but it has been at this price for the past ten months and is the same price at Amazon.

now £79.99


now £79.99

Amazon have price matched that as well! X)
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