Angel - Complete DVD Collection (Limited Edition) (DVD) - £83.95 or less!

Angel - Complete DVD Collection (Limited Edition) (DVD) - £83.95 or less!

Found 13th Feb 2007
This is the best price I have seen for this yet!!! The complete Angel DVD collection is only £83.95 delivered from Foxy - PLUS you might be able to get and extra £5 off the price if you have not yet used the foxy voucher !!! CLick the link below...

Details: David Boreanaz stars as Angel in the hip, popular spin-off of Joss Whedon's now-iconic BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. A former vampire, he was motivated by guilt, as well as a relationship with Buffy, to join her on the side of good. Now he heads up a team of sundry vampire hunters, who battle, among other enemies, the law firm Wolfram and Hart, which serves as a front for vampires. Angel's spiritual advisor Doyle, who is part-human and part-demon, guides him as he navigates the dangerous, glamorous world of LA, which is, unknown to most of its residents, a constant battleground between the forces of good and evil. Meanwhile, Angel must constantly face his own dark side, which forever tempts him back to the vampire's life.

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Good price for 5 seasons of Angel action! If I didn't already own them, I'd have been tempted!
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