Angel: Complete Series 5: 6dvd  £11.99 + 10% Quidco!

Angel: Complete Series 5: 6dvd £11.99 + 10% Quidco!

Banned 11
Found 19th Oct 2007
Contains All 22 Episodes From Series 5
The season begins in Conviction as Angel and the gang settle in as the new bosses of the supernatural law firm Wolfram & Hart the focal point of legal evil in the world. They immediately find themselves on the wrong side of the law and must represent a criminal to stop him from being jailed or risk the city's destruction.
Also in Conviction, Angel (David Boreanaz) receives a package containing the amulet he gave to Buffy to help save Sunnydale. The team watch as the amulet creates a mysterious whirlwind and calls forth Spike (James Marsters) from the grave! In Just Rewards, the ghostly Spike cannot understand why he has returned. He seems somehow tied to Angel and unable to leave Los Angeles.


Thanks Dave,

I think this is the early 'book version'. Well worth the asking price

is this the book version

8% quidco btw


Item to be ordered from supplier

this means it more than likely not really available

The catalogue number that is quoted on the HMV site is for the book style set.

This is a great price and is the book style as the new versions state 'repackaged' and are £14.99

I have orderd mine and am very happy about it! :-D

Great price, was about to post this!

Voted hot.

Rep and heat given! :thumbsup:
Thank You!

Anybody ordered and received this yet?

Finally got a dispatch email

Got mine delivered today, not the book type version tho. :x Will be posting it back.

Yup got mine as well today, peed off to say the least. If they didnt have the booktype they should have cancelled not sent out the new style versuion.
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