Angel Season 5 Boxset (6xDVD) £6.95 @ Base

Angel Season 5 Boxset (6xDVD) £6.95 @ Base

Found 23rd Feb 2011Made hot 24th Feb 2011
The fifth season of this popular spinoff of WB's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER features more battles between the powers of good, evil, and in-between, with storylines that are humorous, hip, and somewhat soap-operatic. After centuries as a practising vampire, Angel (David Boreanaz) is now motivated by guilt to rid Los Angeles of the multitudes of evil beings that infest it. He leads his team of immortal beings, who are now running the firm of former enemy Wolfram and Hart, in the fight against the forces of darkness. He also must battle his own dark side, which causes him, at times, to lose heart in his pursuit of heroism. In this season, Angel is about to give up, until someone from his past returns to inspire him. Also, a disembodied Spike spends a great deal of time attempting to become corporeal once again. A new liaison with The Powers That Be appears in the form of a young woman named Eve, but is she really who she says she is.

Special Features

Audio Commentaries From the Cast And Crew, Hey Kids Its Smile Time Featurette, Angel 100th Episode Featurette, Choreography Of A Stunt Featurette, Angel The Last Season Featurette, To Live And Die In LA The Best Of Angel Featurette


Despite being a fan of the show I've never actually seen series 5, so I think I'll buy this! Cheers!

This has really taken me back. I lived for my weekly instalment of Angel! Hot from me :-)

I'm rewatching this at the moment and it really is a consistently high quality. Season 4 is probably one the best seasons of any show that I've ever seen. It's a shame that the series was cancelled somewhat prematurely, which means that the ending of Season 5 feels rushed to say the least. Excellent show, though.

Now gone up to £8.95
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