Angel Uncovered.. Katie Prices (JORDAN) New Novel...... RRP12.99 ............   NOW £6.00!!!!! @ ASDA

Angel Uncovered.. Katie Prices (JORDAN) New Novel...... RRP12.99 ............ NOW £6.00!!!!! @ ASDA

Found 16th Jul 2008
Hey guys.. just thought i would let you know Katies 3rd novel Angel uncoverd is now on sale at asda for £6! Iv had a look around and havent seen this any cheaper. I dont know if this is instore only as iv only seen it instore but offically it doesnt come out till the 17th but its alredy on sale instore now!

Angel uncovered follows on from katies First novel Angel.
Angel Summer looks as if she has found her happy ever after. She's married to the love of her life, sexy footballer Cal, they have a beautiful baby girl and Angel is Britain's top glamour model. But all is not as it seems and there is heartache in store. When Cal is transferred to AC Milan, Angel feels isolated being so far away from her family and friends instead of embracing the WAG lifestyle of designer shopping and pampering. Surrounded by beautiful people, will Angel and Cal pull together or will they turn elsewhere to seek comfort? Angel's worst nightmares come to life when an old flame of Cal's comes back on the scene and suddenly Angel is fighting to save her marriage, and herself.

I know these types ov books are not too everyones taste, but personaly i think they are a good read.. since getting mine i havent been able to put it down n im sure theres others out der that will be the same. Also £6... Bargin!


*forces herself to look at the DEAL not the SUBJECT and reluctantly gives heat!*


link ?

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i cant find it online as yet, however it might become avaliable online as from 17 july, when its offically released. Iv only found instore so far.

Pass. Andrex is cheaper and softer.

Thanks for the warning.

So ASDA pay you £6 to take this away from their stores? If so great deal!!


I just bought this book from Asda, I've loved all her others so for me it's a bargain at £6 :thumbsup:
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