Angelcare AC1100 Baby movment, sound and video monitor - £157 @ John Lewis

Angelcare AC1100 Baby movment, sound and video monitor - £157 @ John Lewis

Found 2nd Jan 2015
We're expecting and during a panic at the impending birth and not having bought anything we set about ticking a number of items off our list, including a baby monitor.

Angelcare are market leaders in this area and this is their top of the range unit encompassing sound, movement and colour video (inc. night vision) which at £157 is a real saving on deals elsewhere at the likes of Mothercare (£209.99) and Boots (£189.99)

Specs as below:

It’s tough being a parent. You can’t help but worry about your baby every minute of every day, even when your baby is sleeping soundly. The new Angelcare AC1100 Video, Movement & Sound Baby Monitor shows your baby during day and night, and detects sound and movement! If your baby is still for 20 seconds, you’ll be alerted. You’ll find the sound quality is crystal clear, and it also comes with a rechargeable mobile Parent Unit.

Full Colour CMOS Video Sensor
High quality video shows full colour video during the day and B/W during the night (infrared)
2.75” LCD Full Colour Digital Touch Screen
Touch screen technology to access all functions, show settings and video
Digital 2.4GHZ crystal clear transmission - Enjoy crystal clear sound transmission and security with more than 60 channels
Under-the-mattress SensorPad

The SensorPad monitors all your baby’s movements, even the slightest breathing movements. An alarm will sound if no movement has been detected for 20 seconds. Features variable sensitivity settings

Audio ‘tic’ feature
The optional ‘tic’ sound feature reassures you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently

Talk Back Feature
Speak to your baby through the Parent Unit.

Portable Rechargeable Parent Unit
Clip the small portable Parent Unit to your belt and monitor your baby on the go. Both units are mains or battery operated

Out Of Range Indicator
With a 200m range, you can go further without losing touch. Alarm sounds if connectivity is broken

Continuous Sound Monitoring
The Angelcare system can be set to continuous or voice-activated sound monitoring. Microphone sensitivity is adjustable so you can hear all sounds in baby’s room or just when baby cries

Technical Specifications -
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Range: 200m
60+ digital channels
Talkback Features.
Adjustable Sound Sensitivity Control.
Volume & Brightness Control.
LCD Display.
Baby Unit Night Light.
Continuous or Voice-activated sound transmission.

Safety -
Sound Sensitive Light Indicator.
Out of range warning.
Infra Red Night Vision.
Room temperature display.
Sensor Pad.
Temperature Control.
Privacy Features.
Portable Parent Unit.
Docking Unit.
Power Saving Mode.
Practical belt clip or bag.

Power -
Requires AAA batteries.
Battery Included: 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries for Parent Unit.
Rechargable Parent Unit.
Low Battery Indicator.
3 x AAA standard batteries required for Nursery Unit.

Product Info -
Includes 1 x Parent Unit; 1 x Nursery Unit; 1 x SensorPad; 2 x AC Adaptors; 1 Charging Cradle.
Weight 0.8 kg.
Screen Size: 2.7"
Full colour screen.
Instructions included.

Awards -
FQ Top Gear Gold 2010.

Hazards and Cautions -
Please ensure the monitor cord is kept out of baby’s reach at all times (Angelcare provide a free cord cover on request)


I would ignore the ratings on John Lewis and find independent reviews for a better idea of how good it is - most of the ones on there are to how complicated (read feature-full) it is. I found a great review on YouTube which we found helpful.

Some may comment on how poor the resolution is on the video but the market as a whole is quite behind in that respect and as an all in one solution I think people will struggle to find a better, more established solution, especially at this pricepoint.

Hopefully this helps other expectant parents!
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The Motorola is better and is only £55 instore at ASDA.
I am all for Angel Care monitors, we have one and its fantastic (AC401 i think), but I see no point in the video version, even if the baby cries I would still want to go in there, I don't think a video monitor would satisfy me enough.

Also anyone using this, be aware of the advice to do with the sensor mat cable, it was a concern for me, so I managed to thread mine out and below the slat so that he could ever grab hold of it, but just make sure there is no way your little ones can grab the cable.

Same price in Tesco if you prefer.
You're just opening yourself up to a world of worry with this, and you'll already have enough to deal with. Buy yourself a Red Castle Cocoonababy and a cheap(ish) monitor - my boy slept through from three weeks old, best £129 I ever spent
Good grief! £157 for baby cctv and £130 for a shaped pillow! It's a wonder any of us survived.
So wrong for them to exploit parents anxieties like this.
Totally agree nannyhoo, just had my fourth child 7 months ago and can honestly say that the baby monitor has not even made an appearance! Used it religiously for the first, on and off for the second and third but experience shows that nothing compares to checking on sleeping babes regularly for peace of mind and unless you have a mansion if your baby is crying you will definately hear them!! Save your money for the endless expenses your child will bring you and go for a cheaper monitor!!
We went with the AC401 which does everything bar the video. If we want a video, we'd prob do it as a seperate higher res solution.

Still, heat because its the cheapest you can buy it!
We have this and love it. I would not sleep without it and I love watching my little one sleeping, knowing she is fine. My daughter is 2 and we have used it since birth. If ur someone like me who would worry if u couldn't see your child. Then it's a must and a really good price.

The Motorola is better and is only £55 instore at ASDA.

And that does sound, movement and video - I don't think so?
What a shame that a decent deal is being voted down because some don't like monitors - I assumed the site was finding the best price for people, which this is?
It was £137 at Amazon a few days ago, until they went out of stock. May be worth keeping an eye out on Amazon if you're not in a hurry, as according to camelcamelcamel it drops to that price regularly.
I've since noticed that Tesco have £20 off a £100 spend on baby products which I believe ends imminently making this £137
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