Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Baby Monitor £53.32 @ Tesco
Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Baby Monitor £53.32 @ Tesco

Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Baby Monitor £53.32 @ Tesco

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Highly recomended moniter with good reviews good price

The Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor has a choice of voice activated or continuous transmission so that you can rest assured your baby is safe and sound. This Angelcare monitor features a sensor pad to monitor baby's movement, and has 4 programmable alarm functions. The monitor has an extended range of 100m indoors and 250m outdoors. The Angelcare AC401 also features a full colour LCD digital display and comes with a rechargeable, portable parent unit.



Don't forget £10 off code TDX-RTHK and 500 extra clubcard points code TD-AKKR taking it to £43.32!!

Worth every penny for peace of mind!! Hot from me!

brill monitor

How can get this for twins if they are sleeping in separate cots?

says vouchers can't be used together?

Unfortunately you cant use the £10 off and 500 points but £43 is a brilliant price regardless, voted hot!

Change the channel so they are working off different channels.cant remember exactly but u will hav to place the monitors a certain distance apart.great price and excellent peace of mind.

Good price, but have to say the monitor is not great. Ours broke in under 12 months. Got a BT one and never looked back.

Do I have to buy 2 sets of this monitor or can I just buy separate components? For twins...I mean.
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you would have to buy two sets for twins, well worth the money. very pleased with ours

wow hot

We have this, have to say never used the sensor mat but the monitor is superb, we paid £39.99 in the sale from Tesco at the start of the year, its been £79.99 since so this is a great deal again

This is an absolute bargain and I dont need 1 myself but just wanted to say it was worth the 90 pound i paid for so get it at this price x

very good monitor, with a piece of mind!!!!

This is a brilliant monitor. At this price buy it - you wont regret it.

Cool, just in time for our little one arriving Thanks OP.

is this the deluxe version? or standard,

seems like its a standard version but not sure

Like the previous posters have said this is a great monitor. For us we ended up not using the movement pad because our daughter moved around to much and kept on moving off the mat and causing false alarms. You may find this too if you have a big cot or a cot bed combo.
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Worth every penny. It's a pity the government couldn't provide these to every new parent even if they could just negotiate a great price from the supplier and sell them on. Smokers get free nicotine patches after all, why should they not similarlry try to reduce cot death?

Anyway, hot!

Great Monitors and defo recommended. Guess I was lucky as I got mine for £40 last year from Asda!

Worth absolutely every single penny. Really don't understand why people buy versions without the sensor.

They do a delux version which comes with 2 pads and 2 parents units with 1 of the nursery units (the light part) They do have 8 channels though so you could get of these units and set a different channel or try and find the delux at a good price?

angelcare-monitor.com/Uni…lus tells you a bit about it.

I have a single monitor for my daughter and was a godsend! as she had a severe form of reflux and would often silently choke, this alarm alerted us to help her!

I would say when you set it up though only allow the sensor to alarm.....i.e not breathing/no movement......you have the option of setting it so it alarms when the temperature is not correct in which case would be going off a lot!! There is also a sensitivity dial for use with mobile babies who like to panic their parents by going down the end of the cot or wriggling into a corner!

They are back in stock!! Just bought one of the Tesco website with £10 of code, great deal, thanks

and gone again...!

Apologies if someone has mentioned, but also available in store..

a few left in Tesco Extra Havant today
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