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anglian water free items updated info
Found 3rd Dec 2015Found 3rd Dec 2015
comes with eco pulse shower head, toilet cistern dual flush converter,hose pipe gun ,tap inserts ,shower timer, hope that enough info for the cold voters or click whats on offer d… Read more
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hot from me, nice set of freebies as i dropped my shower head the other day,thanks op


all free yet some people you just can't feckin please.


yeah i did ask if i can fit it myself but they say a lot of people get the stuff and then sell it on other sites, not sure if many people could fit the cistern though.


And they have to come to your hose to fit the items or you cant have....Im sure everyone can fit there own shower head lol


click 'whats on offer' further down the page shows all on offer

Anglian Water Free Home Visit with Products
Found 3rd Jul 2015Found 3rd Jul 2015
Anglian Water Customers only We had our home visit today - was given a tonne of tips on saving water and energy around the home (I was told that I was using the least efficient s… Read more

shame United utilities aren't doing this


Sounds great ..heat added. Will have to check I am with Anglia Water!

Free garden water saving kit for Anglian water customers
Found 17th May 2015Found 17th May 2015
Free water saving kit for Anglian water customers What's in the Kit Water storing crystals & water storing mats. Seed sticks. RHS Water in the garden leaflet. RHS Pocket guid… Read more
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Received mine yesterday :D


Thanks just requested


Ordered yesterday THANKS


Thanks OP just ordered.


Thanks op. I've got one for the past 2 years. My bill actually went down a whole £1 something per month this year!

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Free garden water saving kit - seeds, mats & crystals - Anglian water customers only
Found 11th Apr 2014Found 11th Apr 2014
Free kit for Anglian water customers - one per household Contains: Herb seeds - basil, thyme, chives and parsley Water storing mat for pots / hanging baskets Little pack of wate… Read more



My water company does an eco-friendly Home Hydroponics Cannabis kit.


Thank you OP it makes a change to get something free from these companys. :D


ordered thanks!


Thanks requested for me & daughter

Anglian Water Customers only: switch to SoLow tariff if you spend 75 cubic metres per year or less and you won't pay  standing charges
Found 30th Mar 2014Found 30th Mar 2014
The current Anglian Water standing charge is 8.22p per day for water and 23.56p per day for sewerage. If your household spends 75 cubic meters or less per year (ya, I know not fo… Read more
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That's Haverhill for you.


Worse than that .... they take out the fertiliser ( which they sell to the farmers) and then sell the water back to you!!!!!


Probably teenagers/students


some people only wash twice a week? gross! oO


hmmm, not bad. Use 14 cubic m and 'return' 12.6 cubic m in 168 days so think that'll work out at around 70 notes saving a year does that sound right?

Free water saving bits and bobs for the home (individual company links in main post)
Found 20th Feb 2014Found 20th Feb 2014
I noticed that our water company have some useful free bits and bobs to help reduce your water usage and therefore save money too, which led me to wonder if other water companies d… Read more
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for south east water, there are 4 toilet water saving devices you can order for each household.


Maybe its the Postman you need to blame rather than the deal oO


Thanks :)


Thank you :)


Great post.

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for Anglian Water customers:  FREE Save-a-flush Freddie
Found 6th Nov 2013Found 6th Nov 2013
"Pop the Freddie in your toilet cistern and start saving 1 litre of water with every flush. It’s easy to install and lasts many years, quietly saving water without affecting what y… Read more

All water companies offer this aid. FYI dual flush toilets don't need save a flush bags as they can flush a full of half cistern of water. If you are with Anglian you need anything you can get to reduce your bills !!! Expensive !


Government legislation stipulates they have to spend a certain amount on helping people reduce their usage, this is the cheapest way for them. Similar to the free lightbulbs the energy companies used to give out, the cheapest way of meeting a government policy imposed on them.


It's not free really is it. These are a gimmick and Anglian know this. You pay for it through your bills, why don't they just tell people to put a weighted object into their cisterns. Anyway some toilets with duel flush cannot have these placed inside!




Fab! a plastic milk containers - filled with cistern tank water - works too

Free sewer cleaning*
Found 16th May 2012Found 16th May 2012
Just a reminder that since the 1st of October 2011all water companies are now required by law to clear blocked sewers free of charge, even on your own property * if the blockage on… Read more
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I was referring to Homeserve rather than water companies.


Washing machine connection is plumbing, not drainage, so Water Companies would not be able to help you.


Although, they'll only cover of our is an emergency. I had leak in my washing machine drainage. They said you can turn off your washing machine to stop water from leaking which makes it a non - emergency and hence it was not covered


We had ours unblocked early this year (twice) they said if it was in the pipe between our house and the shared part then we would have to pay £120 (cheaper than most private places) but as it wasn't it was free. They took a few hours each time, they had to suck it all out and use a jet.


Yes and no.That type of insurance often also covers internal plumbing and the like.My last blockage was as the toilet drains into the private it was on my property and did affect anyone else i would still have had to pay.

Garden Water Saving Kit @ Anglian Water
Found 22nd Mar 2012Found 22nd Mar 2012
Reducing the amount of water needed to keep a garden green and growing is suprisingly easy. This FREE garden water saving kit will help you preserve precious water and still have a… Read more

Got mine but there were no water crystals in it which was the main reason I requested one. Not surprised as the box has an unsealed lid so anything can fall out or be taken out.


My pleasure Alphy, I now have my kitchen tap with an aerator thingy in it, a hippo in my loo cistern and a new showerhead - all arrived about 2 days after I applied! Thames Water are enthusiastic about this!! Bills will be lower as I can notice how much less water we are using!


Thanks for the Thames Water link Ginger..


Only for Anglian customers.. I am with Thames Water :(


Thanks nice to have a useful gift

Free Water Saving Kit & installed free @ Anglian Water (people in this region only)
Found 4th Jul 2011Found 4th Jul 2011
Handy money saving bits and bobs from Anglian Water fitted free. Anyone who loves water wants to do their bit nsave it. Or, in this case, Bits and Bobs. How doing your bit to sa… Read more

Dont think they do, Anglian are the only ones i know that a plumber actually comes around your house and fits the products and leaky taps etc


All the water companies do this. All people need to do is visit the website of their supplier These water saving freebies have been on here a lot, so I think most people who want them have already got them


I'm with Anglian water and it tells me: Unfortunately you are not eligible for our Water Efficiency Survey. when I enter my postcode


cos its just a water restrictor on your shower which can be achieved by turning the tap down anyway we all pay about £300 extra per year on our utility bills for these water companies to 'give away' this snake oil


Any reason this is cold? Tad bemused

FREE Water Saving Kit @ Anglian Water
Found 9th Nov 2010Found 9th Nov 2010
**You Don't Need to be a customer of Anglian Water to qualify this offer!** Save water and energy with this kit. You can select any combination of the following: 1 x E.ON ShowerS… Read more

These devices are only useful/needed on older appliances. I believe I read it was something like 7 years or so.


been posted loads of times and totally a piece of rubbish

FREE Water efficient products for Anglian Water residents - get them fitted free
Found 1st Jul 2010Found 1st Jul 2010
FREE Water efficient products for Anglian Water residents Save money with our FREE water efficient products. Our qualified plumbers will visit your home to install free water effi… Read more

Boston doesnt qualify but hot from me!


Its only water stressed areas, mainly around Peterborough, Lincoln & Scunthorpe IIRC The reason they are doing this is its because its part of AMP5 set by OFWAT, it will be all over the region eventualy


and me


says that you have to be in a "water stressed area" so i guess they are cherry picking postcodes. i am in the right area but i already have dual flush loos and cant fit the shower thingy coz of the type of shower we have to it would be a waste to get them out just to fit one tap with a spray thingy what ever it is. none the less nice to see something for free, anglian water are on a massive saving spree at the trying to get there costs down so i guess every little helps.


Same here.....