Angry Birds Boys' All-in-One Set (all-in-one, slipper socks and bag) @ Argos £4.49

Angry Birds Boys' All-in-One Set (all-in-one, slipper socks and bag) @ Argos £4.49

Found 27th Dec 2014
Seems to be plenty of stock about.

This all-in-one, socks and bag set is a great gift idea fan any Angry Birds fanatic. The ideal in loungewear or nightwear, this colourful all-in-one is super soft and comfy.

Available for ages 5 to 10 years.
Set includes: all in one, bag and slipper socks.


Reserved thanks heat added

Never worth the orginal £15. But thanks reserved

Thanks. Reserved

Good stuff!!, cheers. ordered

Reserved one thank you

Reserved, thanks OP

Reserved thank you x

Reserved, thanks!

Thanks, reserved

Excellent price thank you..... Putting away for next Christmas!!!

Don't want..... don't need...... just bought 2!! Thanks OP! Heat added!

Same One Direction onesie, socks and bag for £5.99…htm

Thanks. Just bought 6. Thats all my sons friends pressies sorted for next year, great deal

Acht....... Bought this last week for £7.49....... Thought I grabbed a bargain then...... This is HOT

And 2 of the 1d ones, my god daughters done


Bargain! Wish they did a size or 2 bigger though

thanks reserved two in 7-8 for my boys

Thanks op , great find, just reserved for my sons birthday in a few months c x

Reserved 2 thanks OP *HEAT*

Thanks, nice find, Xmas gift for 2015!

Nice find! 1 reserved for my son thanks. Heat added.

Bought this for £7.49 last week! Doh!

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You're all welcome, I know most of us don't really need them now ! but I bought mine a size larger to put away.

Reserved Thankyou

Good deal but what's happened to the photo?!

Thanks. Now ordered the 1D one. She will be over the Moonxxx

reserved many thanks

got this yesterday from Redditch branch fab value

good deal

Got it very good quality socks I'm surprised thanks

too small for me.
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