AniMagic Peanut My Playful Puppy was £44.99 to £26.65 @ Argos

AniMagic Peanut My Playful Puppy was £44.99 to £26.65 @ Argos

Found 27th Nov 2010
AniMagic Peanut My Playful Puppy just loves being stroked, hugged and fed! The more you play with him the more playful he'll become! Feed him his bone to hear him chomp and bark, then rub his back to see him wag his tail! To make him really happy stroke his head and he will raise his ear and tilt his head to look up at you
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I was looking at this just yesterday and I'm sure it was £35 then so good spot. It's my son that wants a walking dog though and this one looks a bit girly. Was looking at the fur real biscuit dog that's reduced to £99 but even reduced it's a bit much for a toy dog.
I'm allergic to dogs and peanuts. This deal is unsettling for me.
More Chinese tat. Flame me all you like, but that's what it is.
p.s - do they do a Rotweiller one that rips your face off if you goad it once too often?
thanks just saved me some wonga.........
Thanks for that.Just ordered one.4 left at Teesside Retail park ;-)
Thanks, just ordered a thousand. Oh no, my wife's gonna kill me!
Shame they dont have dalmations , I would order 101
Edited by: "Ren71377" 28th Nov 2010
It's showing me £34.99??????
Must have gone back up in price, it was £35 on Friday so prob was a limited time offer.
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