Animal Alley Pink 45" Unicorn Soft Toy was £59.99 now £29.98 C+C (add something for 1p+ to get Free Del) @ Toys R Us

Animal Alley Pink 45" Unicorn Soft Toy was £59.99 now £29.98 C+C (add something for 1p+ to get Free Del) @ Toys R Us

Found 24th Sep 2017
My kids are OBSESSED with unicorns at the moment (think most kids are & if they are anything like mine, they will also be mad keen on kittens. wizards, flamingos, the fluffier / glittery the better), not sure I have room for this, but am going to try, because they will LOVE this.
You can C+C for free or add something for 1p more & get free home delivery (free delivery wys £20.99), I added some slime & got free delivery - SLIME HERE

This giant soft toy Unicorn is great for hugging and riding on! Children can even use it as a pillow with its soft body to rest on! In pretty pink and purple this Unicorn is the perfect friend. This giant 45" unicorn makes a perfect bedtime buddy or playtime companion, with its super soft fur and friendly sparkling eyes.

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Thanks, was on my daughter's Christmas list this year!
Similar in home bargains £20
Heresmydeal22 m ago

Similar in home bargains £20

I think that one is around 23 inches (approx half this size)
It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!
This Code will give you £5 of £30 8086839990
lee224822 h, 20 m ago

This Code will give you £5 of £30 8086839990

Thanks, worked for me. Possible 3% Quidco too, might not work because of the voucher code but worth trying.
wishihadadonkey24th Sep

I think that one is around 23 inches (approx half this size)

Heresmydeal24th Sep

Similar in home bargains £20

This is nicer and better quality than the Home Bargains one
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lee224824th Sep

This Code will give you £5 of £30 8086839990

Looks like that's on delivery only? Thanks though, useful for those not near a store.
Ah, looks like you can't do paypal checkout with the voucher.
Edit 48: No, it doesn't like that code.
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both voucher and paypal worked for me thank you
Ordered for just over £25 delivered . I added The Secret Life of Pets Mini Pets for 0.68. My 3 yr old daughter will love it but my Mrs is gonna hit the roof as it is so big. What the hell your kids are only young once😁
This is one of those products that they price inflate before they price drop. This price is on quite often. Still heat because it's so lovely, I've been meaning to buy it for a while now. I'm just not sure where the hell I can hide it until Santa comes? kids are so inquisitive!. Maybe I could stuff it in the plastic bag my new duvet came in, a kid would never look there, would they?
This is the same as home bargains ( theydo a couple if sizes) i got the white and pink one for £20 ... saw in toys r us - exactly the same. Still a good price if no home bargains near u - it is huge my daughter absolutely loves hers
The voucher wouldn't work for me until I tried it over and over again, about 4 times lol and then it suddenly worked so keep trying if it doesn't seem to work at first. It says invalid voucher please remove to continue or something similar
Great find OP bought this and a small lamb soft toy with the 5 off voucher came to £30.97

Cheers. Extra £5 off did the trick
Bought one for our daughter last year and hasn’t fallen apart yet. At circa £30, decent.
Bought exactly the same one from Home Bargains for £20 back in June!
Just to say thanks v much op, daughter loved it
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