Animal Crossing DS 17.93 delivered from Asda Entertainment

Animal Crossing DS 17.93 delivered from Asda Entertainment

Found 3rd Jan 2008
Thought this was a good deal, cheapest I have seen it anyway - I have been looking out for it since it was recommended to me by fellow HUKD users!

If anyone can beat this price, please tell me before I buy it LOL!

A lot of other games in their sale too.


i wouldn't bother buying games for it, get a nintendo R4 DS card from the internet, really easy to use, cost £40.00 and you can put around 45 - 50 games on it for free

well, firstly, I don't think the owners of this site invite talk about piracy (strictly, the R4 etc. implies they allow you to play "Homebrew").

Secondly, Animal Crossing is a beast of a game. I think you'd struggle to get by with this one without the Manual. In fact, to make a decent effort of it, I would definitely recommend the strategy guide which is rarer than rocking horse doodah (unless you have £30 hanging about).

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I have ordered the DTTS card but it is taking AGES to come and I am SOOO bored with Dr Kawashima!

I have got my SD card here waiting for it, too!

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16.17 delivered from The Hut using code HUKD5 for 10% off and Quidco :thumbsup:…koo
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