Animal Crossing: Lets Go To The City - Includes Wii Speak - £10.00 Delivered @ HMV
Animal Crossing: Lets Go To The City - Includes Wii Speak - £10.00 Delivered @ HMV

Animal Crossing: Lets Go To The City - Includes Wii Speak - £10.00 Delivered @ HMV

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£32.85 @ THEHUT!!

£12.00 exchange just for the game @ CEX

If life were an endless vacation, what would you do? Go fishing, collect shells or watch fireworks with friends? Build a snowman, exchange presents with family or decorate your house for the holidays? Take a trip to the city, go on a shopping spree or visit friends from all over the globe? In 'Animal Crossing: City Folk', life moves at a relaxed pace, but the world brims with endless possibilities.


nice, thanks.

great price

Thank you. Ordered

Ordered for the kiddywinks.

Just a warning to people/collectors I ordered a few od these bargain games from HMV (obviously because they are in financial trouble) and they were not sealed. The games were in really good nick and there are no issues but it would have been nice for them to be sealed.

they give the same exchange price at CEX with Wii speak

Superb price including the Wii Speak, heat added

just ordered my 5 year old will love this, thanks

great price

ahh nice one my 6 year old loves the ds version but lost her cart, she will love this (note: Im a fan too lol).

game do the game trade in 15 quid great bargain

Good price. I paid the same price at Sainsburys last year. My little girl really likes this - like Viva Pinata it is a game that they come back to again and again. You sometimes see the stuffed toys in Home Bargains - they do the cat, the dog, and the rabbit - about £3.

Great Price...Ordered..Thanks

Great Price and Ordered, thanks


ordered 50 with student discount for ebay, for 450, £9 a unit. Thanks op

Bought and Heated. Cheers OP


ordered 50 with student discount for ebay, for 450, £9 a unit. Thanks op


Original Poster SuperEd



wants a reaction

Ordered & heat added

what is wii speak?

Hot price.

ordered, thanks

Thanks OP. Ordered 3 and used the £5 off £30 spend. A bit early for Xmas presies, but Easter is just round the corner! Cheers.

Update: e-mail from HMV: £8.33 each! Absolute bargin! Heat added!
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My kids already got it but voted hot

the voucher does not work !??

Price gone back up now im afraid

Shows as £10, but changes to £17.99 when adding to basket :-(

Great while it lasted. Wonder if they'll honour orders at the lower price...

Darn, I really wanted this game!! Maybe next time.


the voucher does not work !??

Try an "O" instead of a zero near the end : MOFFHMVO5

I feel another one of these coming along... RE5 Gold on PS3 for a £9.99 @HMV... last time round they honoured some and cancelled some ... not sure how they will handle this one!

Though my order stil looks ok and it's been over an hour since I ordered it... I am not being greedy (unlike some [50]!) :|- I am ordering for my little one and her friends. Hope it goes though... sigh.

Update: Just checked my order status and got "Item deleted - we are trying to obtain this item from alternate sources" too - oh dear! At least it's not cancelled... just yet... hopefully just a matter of waiting - no rush for me... not sure about others who are looking to profit from it!

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Thankfully we won't have to put up with this sort of crap from HMV much longer.

Their share price is now 16% of what it was a year ago and it has nearly halved again in the last month alone.

These people really need to be repeatedly punched in the groin until they work out how to run a successful business.

Here's Lesson No. One for free - Stop cancelling peoples orders you useless &$%£ers!!

So that's three likely misprices - Petz DS, Time Shift, and this - that HMV have changed the price on today. I have never had HMV honour a misprice so it will be interesting to see if they send them out at this price.

They look on the verge of going under so I won't be ordering anything expensive from them at the moment. A new HMV opened in Altrincham before Christmas - went back last week and it had shut. How's that for sound management? What must that have cost to lease and fit out a large store for a matter of weeks?

@aurora - you missed out mirrors edge which they also cancelled today.

Mine has gone to Item Deleted too. I doubt I'll ever see this

Original Poster SuperEd

HMV have been doing this a lot the last few weeks. but been posting them as you may get lucky.

Dont think it will be to long until they pull the plug altogether.

"item deleted". But it's available on the site. My last order from them was 1.5 year ago, got cancelled at the end. Will see it they survive for next 1.5 year after this will be cancelled.

thanks to all the people who orderd loads to sell on ebay

I had this one ordered with in minutes of the OP posting the deal and mine has still gone to the item deleted message... seen this a few times on HMV and it has always meant cancelled after a long wait.

Just got the cancelled email

Cancellation email here too, I wonder if this did have anything to do with ebayers buying a stupid number up... no way of knowing though is there.
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