Animal leather handbag £13.50 free delivery at Animal outlet site!

Animal leather handbag £13.50 free delivery at Animal outlet site!

Found 11th Dec 2010Made hot 11th Dec 2010
I thought this was a fantastic offer - great quality as you'd expect from Animal, great timing for a Christmas present!


A link would be good

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Oops - added!


Yeah, that's a great find. Thanks scattybat

Ohhh lots of nice bags


A link would be good

Thanks scattybat, appreciated!

Thanks OP ordered


great - thank you

Thanks ordered one

Great thanks, purchased purse and bag.

thanks op

nice, thats another pressie for the misses sorted! Thanks

Thanks ordered one.

I have no idea about hand bags, is this ok for someone aged 43 or is it a younger persons bag?

sold out

'Sorry - Out of Stock'

Note to self, don't procrastinate.
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Strange, it still lets you add it to your basket

If you missed out on this, still look around the site, some other decent reductions on too

plenty of other reductions,

Damn. Currents has sold out. I've had to go for Pebbles instead.

Haet added OP.

tried to stick some full price gloves in the basket alongside £100 of outlet gear. No joy on the code with the outlet stuff :-(
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sulking now, missed it


sulking now, missed it

me too

Ordered 3 bags thanks carry on like this,this morning i will finish my christmas shopping

my 2 bags arrived this morning they are smaller than i thought they would be but a bargain for £13.50

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Agree - smaller than I thought it would be, but really nice quality, great present, would have liked one myself!!

Nice quality leather. I am happy with the purchase.
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