animal technical (snow) clothing all reduced

animal technical (snow) clothing all reduced

Found 15th Feb 2011
All the ski / snowboard jackets and trousers have been moved to outlet section and priced down.

I just got 40% off a jacket I've had my eye on for a while

With 2 months+ to go for the skiing season and Feb half term and Easter coming up this is a great deal for those in the market for some stylish gear


better off with dare2b clearance and 30% off


better off with dare2b clearance and 30% off

Bit of a difference in quality i would say

Animal is good quality, not so sure about dare2b

some good shirs

technical only has one h

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Bit of a difference in quality i would say

and design and style. Your get what you pay for. If you're on a budget then go for dare2b / primark / tk maxx for ski gear. nothing wrong with any of their stuff. If you're looking for more then go for animal / north face / berghaus etc.

Great deals, was gonna post this too. Also searching site brings up items that are not in any particular category too. I Searched tops and found a couple of items that I hadnt seen before. It's a hassle but might be worth it. Thx OP

Thanks, was just thinking about going skiing!

Amazon have some cheap snow pants / jackets in stock.

Picked up a pair of Billabong for ever snowpants for £30. Worth a look

cheers - sandals & shirt on way for under £20


I don't beieve in dressing up pets.

Also free returns.

Animals customer service is great too, all very quick, efficient and helpful. From free delivery, and returns and even refunds are are quick too. They take a matter of hours usually to process and despatch the order and I haven't waited more than two days yet.

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better off with dare2b clearance and 30% off

I'm guessing from this comment you don't ski or snowboard. No one that does would actually buy Dare2b, even if it was 99% off.

ordered some shorts for my hols thanks
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have to say animals customer service was great for my order. refreshing to be a well treated customer
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