Animals United 3D (Blu-ray) - £12.99 @ Sainsburys

Animals United 3D (Blu-ray) - £12.99 @ Sainsburys

Found 10th May 2011
Animals United 3D Blu-Ray for 3D TV's, in Sainsbury's for £12.99, not seen the movie, but a pretty decent price for a 3D one and about a pound cheaper than online retailers.


Saw this at the pics (thankfully the Sat am £1 showing) and thought it was really poor. Lots of famous actors but not enough time and money spent on the animation or plot line, ans it lacks the big set pieces you might expect. The story doesn't make much sense and even my kids thought it dragged. I am surprised it was even out in a 3D version as there aren't any '3D' type bits that I can recall.

Good deal if you are looking for it, but a poor film. Not one to impulse buy.
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