Animation Station - now just £15.99 delivered @!

Animation Station - now just £15.99 delivered @!

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* Plug n play animation studio.
* PC connectibility.
* Download software to save your movies and email to friends (in Windows Media File format) Contents:
* Animation station
* Stop frame camera
* With adjustable arm
* Re-positional camera lens
* Cables to connect to TV for plug n play action
* USB cable to connect directly to a PC
* 2 x coloured cards to use as backdrops/backgrounds to your movie
* Disk containing animation software - save your movie and email to your friends!
* Full instructions


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With this unique stop-frame animation machine You can create your own stop-frame movies, save them, then share with your friends! Create up to 42 frames, or use with a digital SD card (not included) to save your files or create longer movies.

looks pretty good, no mention of sound or adding it though.

anyone tried this out?

Bought it for my son, but its still boxed as its a present...don't anyone tell him though :thumbsup:

Looks like a good piece of kit. Even if it doesn't do sound, you could add it through Moviemaker (WIN) or iMovie (MAC)

i was thinking the same thing for my son's birthday. might give it a go.

quality of the camera is likely to be quite poor at that price and the animation software is poor according to an Amazon review. So it's a toy but price is lower than Amazon's 19.99.

i've got a ps3 eye thing, i might give that a go first that is supposed to do something similar i think.

Got one of these for the kids at Christmas. The battery life is very poor as is the general quality.

Bought one a few months back for my grandson.
It has been a WONDERFUL investment. He has spen hours & hours with it
See his examples on YouTube - search for "ffilmiau Iwan" - he is a Lego fanatic

Comments re battery life are true - use am AC adapter

Included software is not very good - but the camera just stores jpegs and lots of other software can then manipulate this

It has been a wonderful purchase for us (same price but through Amazon back in January)

I bought one of these for my daughter when Amazon had them recently for around £25 - previously double that. She loves it! A really good buy for the creative child. It's good quality and actually works - kids can make very short movies quickly and easily and they can devise their own story lines , make their own clay models, add sound etc. The movies also can be saved to a pc or laptop via USB or SD card. Using an SD card allows longer movies to be made, only limited by the size of the card. Yes, the camera isn't the best quality, but look at the price! Regardless of this, the results are pretty good - my daughter makes movies for relatives' birthdays etc. and these go down really well . Highly recommended at this price!

Was impressed when I saw a friend's kid with one of these.
They work really well, and get fast results.

Its £19.99 on amazon, which states it comes with plasticine too, so I assume this is the same? Voted hot.

Which Ac adapter is the best to get?

Ive just bought this for my daughters birthday and thought i should invest in the adapter before i spend a fortune in batteries!

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