Anime masterpiece millennium actress now streaming for free!

Anime masterpiece millennium actress now streaming for free!

Found 18th May 2016
Thanks to the Paramount Vault

Millennium Actress, one of anime director Satoshi Kon's feature films, is now available to watch on YouTube for free. The 2002 film is the latest addition to the Paramount Vault, a collection of full-length movies and short clips, all viewable for free.

The sci-fi fantasy follows the titular actress as she recounts her career to a documentary film crew. Like other Kon films, the story gets more bizarre from there, thanks to its non-linear, time-traveling narrative. The entire movie is streaming in its original Japanese and includes English subtitles.

Millennium Actress is one of the more acclaimed films featured in the Paramount Vault, which teases the inclusion of Clueless, Airplane! and other classics.
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"This video is not available."

Well worth watching, if you can view it.
Edited by: "DrDuran" 18th May 2016
Anything by Satoshi Kon is utterly fantastic and well worth your time. Such a shame he passed away at such a young age.
Not available. Unfortunately.
Works for me? Using chrome. Dunno why but doesn't work on my iPhone
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