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Anime Blu-rays and Dvd's £0.99 - £4.99 per series on Anime On Line
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Hey all, Was browsing Anime On Line today (MVM official store) and noticed as part of their Christmas deals they have a bunch of series going very very cheap. Includes stuff like… Read more
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Brought Drifters season 1 from them yesterday, cracking price for amazing looking collectors edition which only been out a month!


I would heavily advise playing the Devil Survivor 2 game instead of watching the anime. A lot of people, myself included, regard it as a horrendously bad adaptation. Still, it's a decent deal for being so incredibly cheap, and YMMV.


Glad people are loving it! I hope everyone's been checking All The Anime too. They've had some good deals recently as part of their own promotions. Out of the list from MVM : Devil Survivor, X, and Invaders are pretty good shows. Invaders is a little comical/formulaic, but I found it funny enough.


Nice one, OP! ;)


I have Steins;Gate on my watch list, will check out Chaos Child, cheers!

Berserk Complete Series Blu Ray £23.99 @ anime-on-line using code "EASTERSALE"
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Berserk Complete Series Blu Ray £23.99 @ anime-on-line using code "EASTERSALE"
anime-on-line is having a '20% off' Easter sale on their website. Including free Royal Mail 1st Class postage. I used it on Berserk but code can be use on all MVM licensed anime. … Read more
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Chobits and toradora my all time faves


Chobits and samurai champloo are also super deals at the discounted price. Arguable for others but if you are after any mvm releases then you'll be hard pressed to find cheaper elsewhere. Nice find op! Heat.


Apparently this was a very controversial anime at the time of its release. Man like Guts though and his 6ft sword...

Tenchi Muyo OVA Collector's Edition Combi BD/DVD - Was £49.99 now £19.99 - One day deal 60% off! @ Anime online
Found 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
Tenchi Muyo OVA Collector's Edition Combi BD/DVD - Was £49.99 now £19.99 - One day deal 60% off! @ Anime online
Tenchi Muyo OVA Collector's Edition Combi BD/DVD set. "This edition comes with the Tenchi Encyclopedia and Mihoshi Special, which is exclusive to this combi set." Not included on … Read more
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I don't understand it either?! :/


Good price. Dunno what's with the cold votes....bests price it's been

No Game No Life Season 1 on DVD £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 17th Jul 2017Found 17th Jul 2017
No Game No Life Season 1 on DVD £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Cannot recommend this series enough. A great price as usually about £20. Only done 1 series so far but a supposed prequel movie is due out later this year to hopefully. Well worth… Read more

Good anime can't wait for the next part


Just ordered mine for that price I couldn't say no


excellent series :)

Kamisama Dolls - Complete Collection - DVD £9.99 @ Anime On Line
Found 6th May 2017Found 6th May 2017
Kamisama Dolls - Complete Collection - DVD £9.99 @ Anime On Line
When Kyohei Kuga moves to Tokyo to escape the strictures of life in a small town, he thinks he's left his old life behind. But when he discovers a bloody corpse, he also discovers … Read more
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Changed now. PayPal is now accepted.


It was a debit card, it happened several years ago. They had a payment system that involved you inputting your card details in a form that would then be manually processed to complete payment. They may have changed since then but once bitten, twice shy for me. UK anime fans reporting credit and debit card fraud - be vigilant!


What were you using paypal? or is that just credit card info you put in, just curious, cause I've used them a bunch of times via paypal in the past and that has not happened to me.


Be wary, I was one of the many people who had their credit card details stolen and used to pay for gambling and porn websites. I dont know if they have a fully automated payment method now but I will never trust them again.


Review here. Granted only two opinions but I've given it a miss. Not voted.

Fate/Stay Night Complete DVD Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 22nd Apr 2016Found 22nd Apr 2016
Fate/Stay Night Complete DVD Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Great series, been a long time since its been on offer. The original series before it was remade into Fate Zero/Unlimited Bladeworks. Big difference in story aswell so worth havin… Read more

good find op, heat added :)

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Anime Blu ray sale - 50% off 29 titles one day only @ Anime-on-line
Found 29th Feb 2016Found 29th Feb 2016
Anime Blu ray sale - 50% off 29 titles one day only @ Anime-on-line
Found some good deals here I noticed by checking the sites Twitter, the original prices on this site weren't as cheap as some other sites, but with the 50% off there are some quite… Read more
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Prices are still valid until later in the morning by the seem of it, shouldn't have put expiry on the same day! Doh! Which ones aren't that good? The ones i listed are rated 7+ on myanimelist, i see there are some others that are a bit average but i didn't list them. I missed a few as well, Campione and Ambition of oda Nobuna look to be pretty decent. Haven't seen those, but i have ordered Another and a bunch of others.. unfortunately the price has added up quite a bit though. oO Yeah it's pretty highly rated. I have some catching up to do, i have some series that i need to watch and I've already had them a little while.


​np ;)


Awesome. Heat Added. Cheers. Just ordered Samurai Champloo great price! Thanks Shkurti too for that heads up.


samurai champloo is highly recommended from me


Another is really good id recommend that, if your into thrillers/suspense . Broken Blade is a really good mecha series to, i like the concept of it. Unfortunately though it isnt complete, as the writer died i believe after the first series. Currently under a slow process of being remade.

Accel World Collection DVD £9.99 at Anime-On-Line
Found 17th Feb 2016Found 17th Feb 2016
Accel World Collection DVD £9.99 at Anime-On-Line
Newest Deal of the Week at, around £30 elsewhere, really good deal for the full collection.

hoooooot great anime


Not sure why people are voting cold?

Gungrave Complete DVD Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 1st Feb 2016Found 1st Feb 2016
Gungrave Complete DVD Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Really great series at a bargain price,normally around £20. All 26 episodes for 650 minutes runtime.

nice find op, heat


Fate Zero Part 1 DVD Collectors Edition £9.99 Delivered @ Anime-On-Line
Found 12th Dec 2015Found 12th Dec 2015
Fate Zero Part 1 DVD Collectors Edition £9.99 Delivered @ Anime-On-Line
This is such a great series, at a bargain price for the collectors edition. One of the best anime in recent years. This collectors edition comes in a nice hardboard box to, that c… Read more

Fantastic! Thank you! I've been meaning to buy it for a while now.


Many thanks!


wow great find op


Very hot!


Thanks for posting this wiggywig. And thanks for all the information + images. Very helpful for me. :)

Nightwalker Collection (15) DVD - £9.99 @ Anime On-Line
Found 12th Nov 2015Found 12th Nov 2015
Nightwalker Collection (15) DVD - £9.99 @ Anime On-Line
A ridiculous cheap discounted price for the complete series of Nightwalker. I love jumping on cheap anime collections like this as they can be so pricey sometimes. It's a little o… Read more
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Yeah they change it every Friday lunchtime and they are almost always £9.99 so depending on the normal price you can get really good bargains. Note that the only ones they will do on this deal are MVM distributed though.


Good job it was an instabuy for me then. Can't wait for tomorrow now!


It's deal of the week on there so will end at lunchtime tomorrow. :)

Another [Anime] £9.99 @ Anime online
Found 21st Sep 2015Found 21st Sep 2015
Another [Anime] £9.99 @ Anime online
Mei Misaki was cute, athletic, and one of the most popular girls in her school. Why should a little thing like death change that? Now, twenty-three years after Mei's mysterious dem… Read more

Its a good series. Think its an 8 on IMDB. Ive got the blu-ray of it. The story reminds me of Final Destination if it was written by M Night Shyamalan but still with that Japanese feel to it. Definitely a weird interesting story with twists that keeps you guessing till the end Its a short series to, 12 episodes, so its easy to binge watch.


oooffff why so dear?

Ergo Proxy Complete Collection (6 Discs) £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 21st Jul 2015Found 21st Jul 2015
Ergo Proxy Complete Collection (6 Discs) £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
This weeks deal of the week. A really good series. Bit hard describe other than its a dark futuristic cyber punk thriller with humans and robots and supernatural goings on set on … Read more

Your welcome :) looking forward to it getting here


Loved this, saw it 10 years ago at a friends and been wanting to rewatch it for ages! Thanks OP!


You cant really go wrong at this price with anime, as they hold their price well. Especially when it is a really good series. For example,Cex give 11 exchange for it (which is a bit mean personally) but sell for about £22. And people will still pay that kinda money for anime though its realistically nearly its going rate new


I like the description. I've never heard of this but, because of your description, I checked it on IMDB, where it gets 8.1 out of 10 from over 6,000 votes, and Amazon, where it gets 4.8 out of 5 from 12 votes (and costs £23.95). Heat added.


Heat added Wig :)

Desert Punk Complete Collection (6 Discs) £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 11th Jul 2015Found 11th Jul 2015
Desert Punk Complete Collection (6 Discs) £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
A really good series with a great post-apocalyptic story. Gets rather crude and tongue in cheek at times to in typical japanese fashion, as you could probably work out by the woman… Read more

Watched this recently. Ok but would only buy for adults who really like anime.

Ninja Scroll Complete 4 Disc Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 15th May 2015Found 15th May 2015
Ninja Scroll Complete 4 Disc Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Really good series. Normally about £20. Also,like most anime series, it holds its value well . The series is not as graphic and s3xualised as the 18 rated movie but still plenty sl… Read more

Cowboy bebop is a must just for the soundtrack. Another I'd recommend would be Rahxephon (better than Evangelion) , Vision of Escaflowne (if you can tolerate the dated art style), Mushishi is a very slow and beautiful anime and a personal favourite is the irresponsible captain Tyler which is a comedy.


Enjoyed this and the movie very much.


Think i have about a dozen different anime series at the moment. there's a few i'd like to see like Tokyo Ghoul , that you mentioned, but ill wait on a dubbed version as i'm in no rush. i always check for their weekly deals they do for 9.99 .I've bought Fate/Stay Nite, Welcome to the NHK and Trigun off em for 9.99 over the last year or so which was a bargain. i've just recently finished the first series of Black Butler. and really liked that a lot. just waiting to pick up the 2nd series at the right price


Ordered,heat. Relatively new to Anime but have watched Death Note, Attack on Titan, Sword art online (a favourite), some Blue Exorcist, some Gurren Lagann, Mysterious Girlfriend X (which I got from this site for £9.99 and quite enjoyed), Tokyo Ghoul and my favourite Kill la Kill. Love the Anime on line deals.


haha yeah i have that. tons of "fan service" as they call it. i really enjoyed it though. shame as theres no sign of a second series. just hard to take a scene seriously when someones running for their life from a zombie and they've got their skirt flying up and tits bouncing all over the place strangest thing i found is the director of it is the same guy who directed attack on titan and death note. completely different kinda series.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Collection DVD  £9.99 at Anime-on-line
Found 13th Mar 2015Found 13th Mar 2015
Mysterious Girlfriend X Collection DVD £9.99 at Anime-on-line
Deal of the week. Half the price of anywhere else. Interesting series with a weird central theme. Avoid if you have an aversion to saliva. Also available through Play, but you get … Read more

this is not hentai :{


Porn... For men and women who dont get as much as they would like... Animated porn.... For people who never quite grew up....and dont get any!


its not bad but really weird


Only creepy old BBC DJ's like this sort of thing. Bought three copies.

"X" Complete Collection on DVD (6 discs) £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 8th Feb 2015Found 8th Feb 2015
"X" Complete Collection on DVD (6 discs) £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
This is a great price.I've been after this series for a while , so im glad its finally on offer. Like a lot of anime complete collections, this i normally £20+ near on all the time… Read more

the film is basically a summed up version of the series, but ofcourse nowhere near as good. i dont see the point really. why take something that takes time to build up the story and characters and then just rush through it. i think its just a way of getting casual viewers who prefer movies to series. just doesn't do em justice though a lot of anime series do that though. or they might break it down into 2 or 3 feature length movies, like with Berserk. sometimes they get tweaked though such as with Evangelion


Isn't there a movie of this also?


Good deal! Been looking for this for a couple of months, but they've all been £20-30. Ordered. Thanks :)

Fate/Stay Night Complete DVD Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Found 17th Aug 2014Found 17th Aug 2014
Fate/Stay Night Complete DVD Collection £9.99 @ Anime-On-Line
Really good price. Wont be this price for long so get it whilst you can Runtime: 576 minutes over 6 discs

Cheap no doubt (and voted hot), but ufotable's upcoming remake of this series (with the unlimited blade works ending) will blow this out of the water!


Get it! youll only regret it afterwards if not :p




great thanks guys :)


Ive not seen it myself, but sounds interesting enough. Got something like 7.7 on IMDB. Lot of anime series can cost around £20+ for the collection box sets. CEX sell it second hand for £22

Red Garden Collection (4 Discs) Anime-On-Line/ - £9.99
Found 4th Apr 2014Found 4th Apr 2014
Red Garden Collection (4 Discs) Anime-On-Line/ - £9.99
An odd string of suicides surrounds a private institution on Roosevelt Island. On the night a classmate dies, Kate, Rachel, Rose and Claire wake with no memories of the evenings' e… Read more
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The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (PG) DVD £3.99 @ Anime On-Line
Found 3rd Apr 2014Found 3rd Apr 2014
The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (PG) DVD £3.99 @ Anime On-Line
This is a bargain price for this award winning classic. Blu-ray is available at the same website for £6.99. ( Plot: … Read more

Fantastic film , I loved Ghibli films and was recommended this , it's of the same quality of studio Ghibli 9/10 imo


One of my favourite films! HOT!