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Posted 10 September 2023

Anker Magnetic Phone Grip (MagGo), Sweat-Resistant 620 Magnetic Grip and Adjustable Strap Sold by AnkerDirect UK / FBA

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Great for gym goers and YouTubers who want to make a spectacle of themselves!

Snap and Hold: Securely attach your phone to any fitness equipment with perfect alignment and easy, one-handed placement during workouts, so you can focus on achieving your fitness goals.
Twice the Attraction: Equipped with dual-sided magnets that offer ultimate convenience and versatility, allowing for easy attachment to metal surfaces and ensuring your device stays securely in place.
Flexible Strap: The phone grip features an adjustable strap, providing hands-free convenience for multitasking during a sweaty workout session or while cooking in the kitchen.
View From Any Angle: Enjoy the freedom to stream entertainment or follow fitness videos with a 360° viewing angle.
What You Get: Anker 620 MagGo Phone Grip, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.
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  1. 0m4d's avatar
    For a moment I thought this was meant to be a MagSafe watch strap so you can put your phone on your wrist
    adriandocherty's avatar
    You’re not alone
  2. hootz's avatar
    Seems rather limited in practical use, the example on the bar wouldn’t work properly as the video would be taking a video of the bar opposite in that example!
    roons111's avatar
    she is watching a video in that example not taking a video
  3. kazerbobbert's avatar
    Unfortunately it’s just not quite long enough for what I wanted to use it for - MagSafe onto gym equipment
    HaraldBB's avatar
    the "strap" is magnetic too, so can be attached to flat, metal surfaces as well.
  4. yimyam1's avatar
    I wonder if this would work for an ipad mini too....
    hootz's avatar
    It doesn't have MagSafe afaik!
  5. 123sonny123's avatar
    Is this a stupid question: My phone's always in a case but to use this I'd have to take the case off right?
    Melky's avatar
    I can’t speak for this strap specifically but some phone cases still allow for Magsafe use. The spigen one I use does and works with the magsafe car holder I have.
  6. chatanm's avatar
    If the phone is atatched to this and placed horzontally, I wonder if the IOS17 standby mode will appear?
    A_KH4N's avatar
    If it’s also on a charge at the same time
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