Posted 4 March 2023

Anker Nano II 65W GaN II PPS Fast Charger £29.74 with voucher, Dispatches from Amazon Sold by AnkerDirect UK

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Anker Nano II 65W GaN II PPS Fast Charger

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About this item
  • The Only Charger You Need: Say goodbye to your old power bricks. Anker Nano II has the power you need to fast charge your phone, tablet, and USB-C notebook from a single tiny charger.
  • High-Speed Charging: Charge a 2020 MacBook Air in less than 2 hours, a MacBook Pro 13ʺ at full speed, an iPhone 13 up to 3× faster than with an original 5W charger, and charge the latest Samsung phones at full speed with Samsung Super Fast Charging.
  • Downsized Design: At 58% smaller than an original 61W USB-C charger, Anker Nano II takes up less space while giving you just as much power.
  • Powered by GaN II Technology: With a 100% increase in operating frequency, an innovative stacked design, and an upgraded circuit board structure, GaN II technology makes our latest charger smaller without sacrificing a drop of power.
  • What You Get: Anker Nano II 65W, welcome guide, our worry-free 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service (cable not included).

Model Number: A2663

Anker Nano II 65W

Charge Phones, Tablets, and Notebooks at High-Speed

Go From Chargers to Charger
Instead of filling up your house (and the planet) with an extra charger for each new device you buy, Anker Nano II has the power you need to charge the majority of your personal devices with just a single charger.

Powered by GaN II Tech
By swapping out silicon for gallium nitride (GaN), we’ve reduced the size of our chargers without compromising power. Now with GaN II, we can keep pushing the limits of mobile power even further.

High-Speed Charging for Notebooks
The 65W USB-C output provides enough power to charge flagship notebooks including MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Pro 13'', Dell XPS 13 9380, ThinkPad X390, and more at high speed.

High-Speed Charging for Handheld Devices
Charge iPhone 8 and later up to 3× faster than with an original 5W charger, a 2020 iPad Pro 11″ up to 30% faster than with the in-box charger, and charge the latest Samsung flagship phones at high speed thanks to compatibility with Samsung Super Fast Charging.

Superior Safety
Conforms to the latest IEC 62368-1 safety standard, so you can rest easy while charging your devices.

Notebooks and Tablets:
MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Pro 13'', Dell XPS 13 9360/9380, ThinkPad E490, HP Spectre Folio, ThinkPad X390, Google Pixelbook, Microsoft Surface Book 2, and iPad 2018 and later.

Phones and Accessories:
iPhone 12 / Pro / mini / Pro Max / SE 2020 / 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / XS / XS Max / XR / X / 8 Plus / 8 / 7 Plus / 7 / 6 Plus, iPad mini 5 / 4, iPad Pro

Galaxy S21 / S21+ / S21 Ultra / Galaxy S10 / S10+ / S10e / S9 / S9+ / S8 / S8+, Note 20 / 20 Ultra / 10 / 9 / 8, Pixel 3a / 3XL / 3 / 2 XL / 2, and More

Google Pixel 3 and later, Sony XZ3, Sony Xperia 1, Nintendo Switch, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Anker magnetic wireless charger with USB-C cable.

Input: 200-240V~ 1.4A 50-60Hz

Output: 5.0V==3.0A / 9.0V==3.0A / 15.0V==3.0A / 20.0V==3.25A (65W Max)

Use a USB-C to Lightning cable for Lightning devices and use a USB-C to USB-C cable for USB-C devices (cables sold separately).
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  1. Jmclane's avatar
    doesn't seem to support Samsung Super Fast Charging 2.0 so won't charge Galaxy S23 at full speed 45W
    SinghSang's avatar
    Super fast charging my S23 Ultra using this 🤷🏽‍♂️
    Make sure you have the correct cable (5amp) (edited)
  2. Gerbs's avatar
    For the same price you can get a ugreen 4 port 65w GaN charger from here : gbmobile.co.uk/pro…s=r

    Or for an extra £10 you can get the 100w gbmobile.co.uk/pro…s=r

    I have the 100w and although it's relatively heavy for a charger it's very good and will charge anything I can throw at it.
    DAZZ2000's avatar
    They’re a lot of dosh for a charger. Is it just a fast charger or does it offer some other benefits over a £10-15 20 odd Watt equivalent?
  3. Oinky's avatar
    Thanks to OP for the deal posting.
    I can 100% see the great benefit of a fast charger at times, and also chargers with enough power in them for laptops etc.
    However I do have a question?
    Is it still not actually better for the lifespan of a phone to slow charge it for a hour or two during a typical evening than to use a fast charger?
    If you don't need to charge a phone faster, it's still much better for the batteries liespan to slow charge isn't it?
    TheJMan's avatar
    Yes probs. But people who change phones yearly (eg sell/trade) don't have this worry. But you're completely right
  4. ThisIsFitz's avatar
    £30 for a plug a good deal?
    You's have lost it.
    Tim_D's avatar
    It’s not bad, I paid £35 for one last year and am very happy with it so at £30 it’s great.

    These new chargers will comfortably charge most laptops (it has a 20w higher output and was about half the price of the massive power brick that came with mine) and don’t take up much more space than a phone charger. (edited)
  5. Lloydinio's avatar
    Are there any USB A 65W chargers.

    USB C to USB C is not a common wire to own and all the companies keep saying they want to us use fewer different cables to prevent waste but each thing requires me to buy another product.
    SuperRandomGuy's avatar
    USB C to C is is just all round better for charging etc. It is the future.

    For example phones (most of the latest Android phones) that charge with the PD requirement can only do it On C to C as PD cannot work with A to C
  6. chris548a's avatar
    Using this for my work laptop and S23 (ultra fast charging works).
    Very compact and does the job!
  7. Chrispduckk1's avatar
    Excellent charger but paid £24.99 in December. Reckon it’ll come down again.
  8. Alex_King's avatar
    Bought last week for my s23ultra (also bought 5A ugreen cable). Good.. only used 3 times so far as battery is great on this phone
    karvai's avatar
    If you think you are charging at full 45W speed then you are not, and this cable doesn't give you the benefit with this charger.

    When you charge at 45W your s23 ultra you will get a message "super fast charge 2.0"
  9. VictorMeldrew's avatar
    These work with the Canon R5 if anyone's interested.
  10. cheys03's avatar
    Brilliant little unit, but has been £24.99 around Xmas and may well drop again. At £29.99 I’d only buy if I needed it right now
  11. jamesdew's avatar
    It was 25 a few weeks go.
  12. MaZSuPeR's avatar
    the perfect charger for almost everything , i got it for £25 but worth the new price
    BargainHunterxHunter's avatar
    You think I should wait?
  13. Czubaka's avatar
    Ordered one. Thanks. The Pixel 7 has not been happy with the old huawei charger lol. (edited)
's avatar