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Anker Portable Power Station 256Wh - 200W 5-Port £242.24 Sold by AnkerDirect UK @ Amazon

£242.24£329.9927% off
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Posted 29th Aug 2022

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Anker Portable Power Station 256Wh, 521 Portable Generator, 200W 5-Port Outdoor Generator with 1 AC Outlets, 60W USB-C PD Output, LiFePo4 Battery Pack, LED Light For Camping, RV, Power Outage and More

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About this item
  • Extremely Durable and Long-Lasting: The portable power station is equipped with premium LiFePO4 batteries that offer 6 times longer lifespan, a drop-proof unibody structure, and industry-standard electric components for enhanced durability.
  • Unprecedented 10-Year Lifespan: Instead of 2 years, 521 Portable Power Station lets you power your devices everyday for 10 years. It also comes with an exclusive 5-year full device warranty for a guaranteed, worry-free experience.
  • All the Ports You Need: Time to get rid of bulky adapters because charging your laptop at fast speeds only requires a single cable. See the power station recharge itself and give a high-speed charge to a wide range of devices thanks to 2 USB-A ports, an AC port, a USB-C port, and a car outlet
  • Huge 256Wh Capacity: The high capacity portable power station pumps out 256Wh of power—the perfect companion to charge your devices and small appliances during a weekend trip.
  • What You Get: Anker 521 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 256Wh), DC adapter, car charging cable, welcome guide, our worry-free 5-year warranty, and friendly customer service.

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    Its not a great deal for the price per wh at nearly 242/256 = 95p per wh is too much. It is great that people are posting these products though. IMHO this one is better its also LifePo4 lasts much longer than normal lithium


    £210 with voucher price per wh 210/320 = 65p per wh plus its 320 wh compared to 242wh

    I've now got 4 different batteries (the Chechi included which is powering this pc as I write) and they have made a real difference to my electric consumption (when connected to 100w panels) down a 1/3 from 9kw to 6 kw daily 300kw to 200kw monthly (edited)
    Panels? May I ask why you don't use normal electricity when you can
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    Mine just arrived, bought at this price. It may have been £200 at some point, and here's hoping there are some good black Friday deals - but inflation, transport and Forex are probably pushing the price up a little.

    This model is a little bit smaller and a lot lighter than a car battery.

    I don't think this has the oomph of bigger versions for the output supported by the plug, so I don't imagine this is going to keep your fridge freezer going in a powercut or allow you to use your circular saw, but it's a decent brand offering an interesting product.

    It can be charged by most 12-28v solar panel with a Dc7909 or USBC connector so for me it's a way to dip my toes in solar energy without having to gamble on battery brands, inverters, cabling and so on and so forth.

    I hope this kind of kit is popular, sustainable and all the rest. I'd love to see these things be modular, expandable and still portable power banks. (edited)
    The Jackery explorer 240 (240Wh / 200W) is £220.99 - seem like a good deal and not a no-name brand.
    I know they need an adapter for the input but not sure if it is any worse than the Anker in other ways?
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    Worth it? There are plenty of others around this capacity/price if not a tad cheaper in some cases.

    I'm looking to maybe hook one up to a 100w solar panel so how is Anker for compatibility? I'll be checking the reviews of course but any hands on experience is appreciated. (edited)
    No, get this amazon.co.uk/dp/…Y8/ basically £210 with the tickbox voucher code.
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    I’ve got the comparable Jackery and tested it wfh - it powers an iMac, two monitors and a router for just short of an 8-hour shift.

    Also used it for two fans and various lamps when we had an electrician in for the day - it only used about 30% across six hours.
    iMac, two monitors and a router running at about 40 watts total? That's good going if true.
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    I wonder what the longevity in the cells in these is? Particularly those in the ones from tertiary brands.
    These contain Lifepo4 battery cells. So actually they will last better than any comparable domestic battery device you can think of. The degradation on charge cycles on these is a 20% loss of charge after 2500 full charge/discharge cycles. Or to put it another way, if you happened to deplete it from full charge every single day it'd drop to 80% of a full charge after just shy of 7 years. Let's face it, at which point there's more chance of knackering out the plugs, usb ports etc in that length of time. (edited)
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    It's available at the same price directly via uk.anker.com - however, via there you can also get 5.95% Top Cashback.

    The Anker 555 unit will likely be hitting the UK market soon, hopefully that will be available at a competitive price.

    I think the main reason to go for an Anker brand over other products is the warranty they offer seems to be class leading.
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    Generator? Must be magic electricity

    Replying to

    Apart from it's a solar panel that converts solar energy to electricity.

    This is a battery and inverter.
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    It’s 200 before
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    Interested in the solar charging aspect - can anyone point me towards some panels that can be directly connected to these devices please?

    Replying to

    That is just an extension cable it won't plug into the battery. You would only need this if your panel was further away from the battery and you would need two of them. To start with you need the y cable one end for the battery and two ends male and female to connect to the panel. If you get one like the Aamazon link it comes with different adapters and will work with different types of batteries
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    What is this good for powering?
    A 200w device for just over an hour?

    Could potentially charge at work and use at home. Free electricity Assuming the initial outlay can be repaid soonish. (edited)
    The outlay will take years to repay. We are talking a quarter of one unit, even in October thats 48p of elec call it 50p so this device is saving you 13pence at most and takes an hour to charge.

    Used once a day thats 5 years to earn back the cost, it does have convenience though
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    Terrible value for the parts in it.
    First off, I'd look to see if you really need the 200w mains lead or if there are better ways to achieve that - for instance if you are looking to power a laptop or similar and can run from USB-C; I recently got a 97wh (or something) powerbank that can output 20v for £28.50 - three of those gives you more capacity than this for under half the price.
    20V at what current? You'd need at least 5A for it to be comparable to this. Also this has lithium iron phosphate cells that will last for thousands of cycles and I bet your power banks will only last for hundreds of cycles. I think you're comparing apples to oranges and some people may be happy with oranges but others may need apples.
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    Can I charge this using my dog on a treadmill.
    With dog food prices and electricity prices escalating I am thinking my 18 year old Pomeranian needs to earn it's keep!
    Only if the sun shines out of its ****
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    This is a good deal. I spent the last week looking into these and opted for a POWEROAK Portable Power Station 500Wh, delivered next day on Prime. £323 so quite a bit more expensive but the specs suited me better than this one here

    Replying to

    Not really no, and definitely not for very long. Not unless it's a very low-powered PC. As someone else replied, most desktops with basic graphics cards and small LED monitors will probably be using 350-500watts. So the Poweroak wouldn't power it for very long. That said, it's perfect for charging up my household's laptops, phones and robovac. Also, great if we go camping for the weekend.
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    Could this keep a general electric cooler charged for a few days when camping?
    I'm going to say yes. There are tips and tricks to get the most out of electric cool boxes and the first is power it from main before you leave so it cools down to as low as you're going to get it. Keep it in the shade at all times and open it rarely. The person who said "cool boxes take 50W so you'll be able to run one for 5 hours" has forgotten that cool boxes don't take 50W all the time. They only draw that much when getting down to temperature so for a short while after they've been opened. Personally I'd go for the CTechi one off ebay that someone has linked in this thread and not the Anker but it's up to you.
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    Going to start charging these at work.. haha

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    It only takes around a quarter of one kWh (256 Wh) and that’s around 15p from 1 October. Less than that now.
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    Is it worth getting one of these if I charge this in my work vehicle or workplace and take it home afterwards to save on the electricity bill?
    you can spend £250 quid to save up to a potential 15p per day. I make it 4.5 years to break even, assuming you charge it and discharge it every day., or about 7 years if you only do it mon-fri not at weekends. (edited)
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    So how long does it take to charge and how long does it last, as I won’t be able to afford electric bills soon so thinking of charging this at work and bringing back home! Would this a viable way to survive?
    It won’t be able to take load of any of your home appliances or electric heating. So you could use it for charging your smartphone, tablets, laptop etc
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    Tempted to get one to take into work to charge at my desk
    Why not.
    My phone and laptop are always fully charged when I leave the office.
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    Still too expensive - their US site has this exact same model for $200 after a $50 discount code. They can do much better than this price-wise. (edited)
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    How is this a generator? It doesn't generate electricity?
    No technically you are spot on, whichever way you cut and dice it. Where it becomes a "generator" is that it is capable of controlling and charging from a connected solar panel.
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    Just paid £719 for an ecoflow river pro which is 720wh, so looking for a foldable waterproof solar panel if anyone has any experience? it was £749 but theirs a code to take £30 off.
    That's a bit much still.. I'm not so confident in it atm but looking into setting up a battery pack for a DIY project. Without solar panel though just an overnight charge to use during the day.
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    Perfect for stealing electricity from work thx
    ...and you'll be absolutely shredded carrying this thing back and forth every day. Who needs a gym membership, money saving all day long.
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    Good to use during the rolling blackouts in the winter.
    I have a 1000W power station, different brand. I use it for power cuts. It can run the router, laptops, the oil pump on the aga (for water, heat and cooking), lights, freezer, 55 inch OLED. Obviously not all at the same time and it will run some things longer than others :).
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    £500 fully charged..

    Replying to

    I think he meant when it's fully charged it worth 500£ due to the high energy prices
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    Just bought this one recently when it was £199. It's very small and compact, haven't tried it out yet, will give it a go camping this weekend.

  26. Avatar
    We are all going to needs one of these soon!
  27. Avatar
    Anyone know if this will be good to use with dashcams for parking mode recording? Since it's lifepo4.
    More then adequate I imagine but not sure I advise leaving anything of worth in a parked car
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    Slightly cheaper but 154wh and can be dual charged in 2 hours it's 41600mah I got it for about £110 on prime day

    ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station, 154Wh Portable Power Source, 220V/200W/41600mAh Portable Backup Battery with Wireless Charge, Portable Solar Generator for Outdoor Camping Travel RV Emergency amzn.eu/80P…jvz
    I’m guessing you really have to need the mains power inverter bit? If my maths is right if you just want to charge phones you could by two 20,000mah bricks for about £40?? Is that right?
  29. Avatar
    Really, really tempted by one of these, but managed to persuade myself out of it by looking logically at the cost per Wh as against a leisure battery plus inverter for rare emergency use. Nice toy though!

    Camping etc might be a different story, but the fact that it only holds 256 Wh (around 15p electricity, even at the October rates) and will only run even something as low power as a fan for just 5 hours rules it out for home emergency use.

    The Anker 757 Portable Power Station is a different story altogether - that would be perfect. But it's around £1400!

    Leisure battery plus inverter then for me for the much lower price and greater power output until prices come down.
  30. Avatar
    Looked interesting, shame their large capacity unit isn't on offer.

    Been considering this as a backup to my solar and 5.2kwh battery.
    I realise there's a difference in price, but having spent a good while looking at the Bluetti series and the Delta Flows, I'd suggest that you go for the AC200 Max instead. It's £300 more at the moment granted, but it's redesigned and a hell of a lot more reliable by all accounts. They are about to launch the AC500 but that's a lot more expensive, but hopefully between that's launch and Black Friday coming up you might be able to get the AC200 MAX for a closer price to the current AC200.
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    Do I need one of these?
    Well you're here on HUKD so probably not.
  32. Avatar
    Certainly not a ‘generator’
  33. Avatar
    yeah we need more power stations....
  34. Avatar
    Slightly off topic, but this is definitely gonna be the place to ask. I have solar panels and am looking at battery storage, anybody point me in the right direction? I'm looking at capturing excess energy during the day, the installers benefit from the crazy fit rate, I'm looking at storing this excess and using it myself. Any pointing in the right direction would be appreciated. ☀️☀️🔋🔋
    Storing power is expensive mate. Cheapest way - leisure batteries I think.

    I recommend you to ask professionals to do this and even pay more for this pleasure because of safety. (edited)
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    I've been eying up an EcoFlow River or a Jackery for taking camping, does anyone who knows more about these portable power stations able to comment on the differences between either of those and this please?
    Depends on your needs. Do you know how much power you’d typically use? got any high power devices? Need the mains/12V sockets? I can give more detail on how to determine what you need, but generally consider if a power bank or two is enough first, otherwise make sure it’s a LiFePO4 power station and has the spec for you.

    For most people in the market for a power station to get them through a weekend of charging multiple portable devices many times over and be able to power a socketed appliance, this is great value.
  36. Avatar
    does it come with a type 2 Menekes socket?
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    134 Wh by my calculations.
  39. Avatar
    We’ve got a compressor 12v cool box in campervan which our 100aH leisure battery will just about keep going over a weekend. This would mean we don’t rely on it (and my dodgy wiring), but really need to put the money towards something with a greater peak wattage to use for a greater range of appliances. I’d consider Anker a trustworthy brand though
  40. Avatar
    I'm looking for something that can power my cpap overnight.
    It might well do that. What’s its wattage?