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Anker Soundcore Boost (Upgraded) 20w Bluetooth Speaker 12H Playtime £39.99 Sold by Anker Direct / Fulfilled by Amazon

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Price down to £39.99. As cheap as it gets for this.

About this item
  • Mighty Music: Energize your dance tracks with BassUp intensifying the beat—instantly. soundcore exclusive technology analyzes and enhances low frequencies in real time.
  • Titanium Drivers: Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker reproduces sound with treble that stretches up to 40kHz to bring out all of a song’s distinctive details.
  • Fully Waterproof: IPX7-rated protection defends Soundcore Boost Bluetooth speaker against all kinds of spills and downpours.
  • Customizable EQ: Download the Soundcore app to tailor the EQ to your favorite genres and make your favorite songs sound even better.
  • 12-Hour Playtime: Keep the music playing from dusk ‘till dawn and charge your phone via the USB-C port on the Bluetooth speaker when it’s out of battery.

Custom EQ I use on mine:

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    Got this, wasn't impressed sent back and paid a bit more for the JBL flip 5, twice as good.
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    Great speaker, I use mostly indoors, but have used it a couple times outdoors and it does gets really loud. I was amazed you can get decent bass out of a speaker this size.

    It's supported by the Soundcore app so you can tweak EQ on it too. If you tweak the sound or use a Equlizer app on your phone you can get some really decent sound out of this speaker compared to it's default settings. And the biggest plus is you can reverse charge your phone off of it.

    My only nitpicks are that it's quite hefty, so not something you want to move around alot. And the bluetooth sometimes takes awhile to connect, which I've found with most of my Anker stuff for some reason. So most of the time I manually have to connect to it via bluetooth menu. (edited)
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    Love this speaker. For me it’s probably the best price to performance of the Anker range. For comparison it’s not a lot bigger than the Soundcore 2 but blows it out the water for music. It’s a warm sounding speaker so not as good for non music applications. (Although I have the older version I can’t adjust the EQ so maybe this can be improved now?).

    When comparing to the Motion Boom it holds its own compared to the default EQ. Don’t get me wrong the Boom beats it but for a speaker that’s around 3 or so times bigger the Boost has no right being compared to the Boom but it doesn’t fall far short.
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    Has anyone got this and could comment on sound please?
    I've had it for 3 or 4 years and it beats my friends speakers of similar size. Sounds better than you'd probably expect for this price and the extra bass isn't too boomy. I use it mostly in a steamy bathroom but have taken it to multiple camping holidays and gatherings and even dropped it a couple of times but it still goes strong. Battery is still enough for good few hours. I even used it to provide music for a kids party in a village hall and it was still quite audible, especially when put in the corner.
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    Have this speaker, was seriously impressed with the sound quality, particularly the bass possible from such a small unit, great battery life too!
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    Agreed. Definitely worth 40£. Had mine for four years I'd guess. Use it loads. Waterproof so doesn't get ruined when you forget about it outside.
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    I've had one for ~6mo. I was a little underwhelmed when I got it, cause the reviews were so glowing. It's not anything to run a party off, but seems fine/pretty much what you'd expect for a portable speaker this size. I keep it in the bathroom. It's plenty loud enough for using while I'm in the shower, which my phone wasn't, which is why I got it.

    I'd also say it's a bit in the middle of sizes, a bit big and heavy to be taking on holiday, but somewhat limited on sound by its size for static use. (edited)
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    Have this and a Bose Soundlink II (for different purposes).
    For the money it is perfectly capable of a great sound, not quite as controlled bass as the Bose but warmer and just as loud.
    But a quarter of the price, bargain.

    Connects automatically when I turn it on.