Annabelle Fabric Left Hand Corner Sofa £286.14 delivered w/code @ Argos

Annabelle Fabric Left Hand Corner Sofa £286.14 delivered w/code @ Argos

£286.14Argos Deals
Found 23rd Jun 2017
Decent price! Was £371.99 then £348.99 now £286.14 delivered - use code FURN200 at checkout

This beautiful fabric corner sofa is ideal if you are looking to add both space and style to your living room. Upholstered in a mixture of waffle cord and leather effect material it looks elegant and is great value for money. Crafted on a hardwood frame with wooden legs, this piece is durable, sturdy and functional.

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We had a very similar but it was called Byron a few years ago. It's cheap, but to be honest they are really uncomfortable. The connection points also don't stay together. Might do you for two years but it is really too low down to be comfortable. Some of our springs had to be replaced within the warranty period, and then they began to fail out of the warranty period.
I bought this sofa and while it looks good in the photos, be aware that 90% of the time it looks like someone has stuffed a condom full of walnuts. Just loses all shape and looks bad.
worst piece of furniture we ever had.
doesn't worth £50
Be careful with Argos sofas I brought mine from there had it only 5 months and the seat cushions are as flat as pancake so contacted them, they sent someone out and said they are fine and they won't do anything about out it, I would never buy sofas from there again
I've had one of these sofas for a couple of years now, picked it up at a similar price too.

The metal joints are between both parts are extremely fragile and mine broke within one week. In the end I bolted both parts of the sofa together between the wooden frame. All in all you get what you pay for, overall construction is dreadful.

I have been careful not to abuse mine but if you or your guests have a larger-than-average frame, or have young children do not expect it to last long...
Argos sofas are not worth buying they're a piece of junk
We have this and the cushions are flat and awful now! Complained and argos wouldn't do anything about it! Don't waste your money! I hate it now but can't afford to replace it! X
these are junk dont even consider buying total waste of your money

worst piece of furniture we ever had.

you are meant to plump the cushions everyday or they go flat, best ones have foam inside never go flat,
Agree with all the above. We purchased one from Tesco. The plastic clips to join the 2 sofas separated then the cushions started to collapse into the base. Moved to the kids playroom in the end


​Everyone already explained. after one year of use couldn't sell for £50 . piece of rubbish.
I totally agree with the comment about Argos sofas looking like a condom stuffed with walnuts. Last time I bought a sofa from Argos I dumped it at the tip after a few months, it went so out of shape. Never again
Anyone have any idea why this deal is hot?
Best sofas I had were the ones I bought for my first house in 2002 from Argos, the foam cushions were indestructible and the fabric could easily be cleanef with a damp cloth to look like new. Were cheap (I was pretty broke after buying the house) but I got incredibly lucky as they lasted till 2012 when springs went in the base of one of them, seat cushions were still like new though.
Since then have been through a number of different sofas from the likes of furniture village, DFS and Oak furniture land at well over 3-4 times the price and they all use much less firm or durable materials. Shame everything is made to such crap standards these days.
I have this very sofa and agree somewhat with comments made. The plastic part that joins the two parts of the sofa broke and I look after my stuff. Rang Argos and they sent a third party company they use to mend it, they fitted a metal bracket which is much better (and still is) and what should be used anyway in my opinion. The cushions loses there shape a lot and you have to continuously plump the cushions. It's medium for comfort, could be better could be worse. Worth £286 odd in my opinion, I paid around the £350 mark on the Argos card. Heat added, not the best but worth the money I think. You can pay a lot more for a sofa.
Argos sofas are really poor quality imo. Made in China so what did I expect? I should have known better... Buy cheap buy twice!
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