Annie's Room by Amy Cross (plus 10 others) FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

Annie's Room by Amy Cross (plus 10 others) FREE on Kindle @ Amazon

Found 21st AprEdited by:"JustExhumed"
It's been awhile since we had some Amy Cross Horror/Thriller freebies, so here's a bumper lot. Be quick, they don't last very long.

Annie's Room

1945 and 2015. Seventy years apart, two girls named Annie move into the same room in the same remote house. Their lives are very different, but tragedy is about to bring them crashing together

Also (synopsis within Amazon links)

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The Curse of Wetherley House:…BM/
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Journey to the Library:…VS/

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Thanks for posting.....Just purchased all of them 👏
Downloaded! Thanks for sharing!
Thank you. Heat from me
Thank you so very much x
Thanks for sharing
Brill thanks op!
Ratbags - I had the "Annie's Room" one, and out of the others... all but one are now 99p

The Curse of Wetherley - this one is still free
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