Anno 2205 Standard/Ultimate £7.98/£9.12 @ Ubisoft UPlay

Anno 2205 Standard/Ultimate £7.98/£9.12 @ Ubisoft UPlay

Found 5th Sep 2017
Not played this Anno yet but this appears to be the cheapest its ever been. £7.98 for the standard edition but might be worth the extra shrapnel for the ultimate edition which includes 3 premium DLCs as well as the 3 free DLCs.
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Got the email too and was going to post. Loved 2070 so giving this a go, if its anything like as good its a steam but only available for 24 hours and counting!
Its $39.99/$49.99 for me when I try, am I doing something wrong?
This gets average reviews. When Cities Skylines is £7.99, this is an extremely hard sell!
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