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Merlin attractions  from just £8.99 on a monthly basis (Joining fee from £29.99)
Found 15 h, 24 m agoFound 15 h, 24 m ago
ONLINE EXCLUSIVE! You can now pay from just £8.99 on a monthly basis to enjoy entry to our 32 UK attractions to make incredible memories, experience big thrills and enjoy loads of … Read more
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Figured there would be a catch... 12 month minimum term.


Ie you can buy one pass for slightly less than the discounted rate you get when you buy 3 or more passes under the original one-off payment method


My bad ,I all ways check before but must have been wrong key word.


Its cheaper to pay monthly...


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Merlin Annual Pass Renewals from £99
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
RENEWALS SALE NOW ON! Buy your Merlin Annual Pass to save up to an EXTRA £20pp off your renewal price. From JUST £99pp, you and your family can enjoy another amazing year’s entry i… Read more

Apologies, I was being stupid. I did buy it in the nov/Dec sale. Definitely think it’s worth it for premium as you get free parking and for less queuing inLondon based things


I think he/she's bragging about the pass he/she bought in Nov/Dec sale. and you may be right about the extra £40pp


When was that. Could have sworn it was £149 earlier in the week. Not sure the Premium is worth an extra £40 per person this this year


I paid £139 for a fresh premium one


Think it was £149

Merlin Annual Pass, now from £8.99 a month (+ £29.99 initial payment). Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, London Eye, LEGOLAND and more!
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Brilliant price if you want to sign up per month. Easy access to a world of adventures!
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Sale started, not as good as last year. Only £10 saving


Sale starts on 18th, no idea what it consists of yet. Expect £20 off the renewal per pass as per previous years


yay! that's what I thought! thanks for confirming the glitch :-) I will wait for the sale apparently "might" start on 18th and if not I'll do "renewal" in Feb. cheers!


Per Merlin's rules, no. In actuality, literally, physically, yes. The system they use (Accesso) accepts 16/18 digits for a pass number, but does nothing with them. It doesn't search, process, or in any other way make use of the number you enter. 16/18 random numbers, 0's etc, will all allow you to proceed. In terms of them checking your renewal, I've renewed in the past and have not been asked for my previous MAP, so I never had to show it. This happens at all attractions, across the board, though your best bet would be to go to a Midway, and if they asked for a pass, tell them you forgot it. Trying to get them to upgrade a LEGOLAND season pass will result in them getting confused, which really does not take them much at all. To recap: Yes, go for it. They never check etc.


Does anyone know if I can renew/upgrade to "Merlin Annual Pass" from my "LEGOLAND Season Pass 2018". There are numbers on the cards so I can go through MAP online renewal. I did this until the end of the online form just before payment and it looks like it would allow me to renew with Legolan Season Pass 2018 number. Of course I cancelled as I was not sure and it says tickets are non-refundable etc. Would that renewal be honored if I purchased it? (This could be a glitch of course)

Merlin Annual Passes - 15 month passes from just £109 per person - Offer ends 3rd Dec 2018
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
SALE NOW ON! Buy your NEW Merlin Annual Pass NOW and enjoy an incredible extra 3 months for FREE. Your pass to 32 of the UK’s top attractions from JUST £109pp, giving you 15 months… Read more

There are certain exclusions for the Standard Merlin Annual Pass: No entrance into Alton Towers Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort, LEGOLAND Resort, THORPE PARK Resort and Warwick Castle on any Friday, Saturday or Sunday in August and 1st & 2nd September.No entrance into any of Merlin’s Central London attractions during the month of August: The London Dungeon, SEA LIFE London Aquarium, DreamWorks Tours Shrek’s Adventure! London, Madame Tussauds London, and The Coca-Cola London Eye.No entry for Standard Merlin Annual Passholders into Madame Tussauds (London), the Coca-Cola London Eye, SEA LIFE London, Shrekʼs Adventure! and the London Dungeon on bank holidays in England.No entry for Standard Merlin Annual Passholders into the Coca-Cola London Eye on 14th February each year.No entry for Standard Merlin Annual Passholders into the London Dungeon for up to three days in October of each year which, for 2018, are 26th to 28th October 2018 (inclusive).Secondary attractions at Warwick Castle including, but not limited to, the Castle Dungeon will be subject to additional charges. Secondary attractions/events at THORPE PARK Resort Theme Park including, but not limited to, Fright Nights, Summer Nights and Ministry of Sound.Parking is not included for Standard Passholders at any attraction.


Looks like collection is only available if renewing existing passes. When purchasing new passes, you only get the option for 'FREE UK Delivery' meaning they are activated from the date of purchase! (annoyed)


That's my thinking also


At a guess, dont think you would get turned away, if all booked slots are taken up, they'll most likely ask you to queue up and wait, or may inform you to pay pre-book on another day.


It would be nice to know if people that's had them in the past have been turned away much with not pre booking? I was looking forward to getting this but I'm not prepared to be ripped off with a load of pre booking costs.

GET FREE FASTRACK PASSES PLUS £5 OFF ONLINE TICKETS to Merlin Parks when paying with PayPal
Refreshed 5th Aug 2018Refreshed 5th Aug 2018
Seen on Paypal Site as I logged off, might be useful to parents looking to go to the park with the kids or family Every PayPal Unique Code issued entitles the PayPal customer t… Read more

I hear ya. I booked them at the height of the summer hols but she went and injured her leg so we ended up having to postpone till..... you guessed it, the 3rd day after kids go back to school - hence it'll be practically empty! At the time for all access fast pass it felt like an expensive day, but worth it for the experience of the day - really hot weather, perfect day out, great memories of fun... and at the hazard of sounding a bit Will about it - Nemesis inferno!


That's only standard passes = premium are fine all year round


Is this safe? I put in my paypal password, pressed enter and it came back to this oage. Concerned


well have you looked? Can't help stupid, sorry.


"Look online you fanny" & "Google is your friend, princess", huh? As you haven't proven anything it confirms you are a troll. Reported.

Merlin Annual Pass Premium pass renewals sale from £129
Found 14th Jun 2018Found 14th Jun 2018
Merlin are doing a sale on premium pass renewals. £159 per person for individual or £129 per person for family. You get a free digipass for the year which can be used at Alton Tow… Read more
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Carers card is free!


It's full price for the disabled child with a FREE pass for a carer. The carer's pass is in the child's name so doesnt have to be the same person each time (on an annual pass).


It's a digital photo pass. It allows you to download photos taken on rides and walkabouts


What is a digi pass?


they do it’s called the merlin VIP pass..

MERLIN PASS HOLDER OFFER- bring a guest to Legoland for £5
Found 23rd Apr 2018Found 23rd Apr 2018
MERLIN PASS HOLDER OFFER- bring a guest to Legoland for £5
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Yes, it is on till the end of June.


Is the deal still ON? I have Premium Merlin Passes and want to take my friend.


If you go on their website, their calendar is colour coordinated.


Yep, I was there last week and the train was closed among others.


What's a blue day anyone??

Merlin Entertainment Annual Pass January sale
Found 1st Jan 2018Found 1st Jan 2018
Merlin Entertainment Annual Pass January sale
A Merlin Annual Pass is the only ticket you need to unlock 12 months of FUN at the UK’s top attractions. Visit worlds such as Alton Towers Resort, SEA LIFE, Madame Tussauds, the Co… Read more
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I just visited yesterday. Saved over an hour for London eye (just literally walked on)... 30mins min for sea life (again just went through).... Bear in mind this is March so it’s only bound to get busier.


Ended on Monday. According to their Facebook page, they kept doing countdowns to Monday on there too.


Is it just me or has this already expired? 14th Feb now and the expiry date is 15th but the offer looks gone.


Well mine has tracked and I know a lot of other peoples have too.


Do you mean buy the pass through quidco and sealife? in the T&C on sealfie page it says this: " Cashback will not be paid on annual pass sales"

Merlin Annual Pass Summer Sale starts 1st June at 10am
Found 25th May 2017Found 25th May 2017
The Merlin Pass summer sale starts on the 1st of June. We bought our passes during the sale last year and will probably renew this year. The BIG SUMMER SALE will start on the 1st … Read more

Anyone know the answer to this one please? I already have thorpe park tickets for july 6th. Really tempted to buy a premium annual pass, but can't buy onsite to get ticket price knocked off as after the sale ends. Any way anyone can think of where I get the already bought tickets money off the sale price of the annual pass please? here's hoping!


Cash back 8% via Quidco then sealife website ordering Merlin pass (_;)


It starts when you visit and collect the tickets. We ordered at the beginning of the sale and collected a couple of weeks later the expiry was from collection date. Done a afternoon at legoland it was busy so didn't get on a lot of rides I would have been very annoyed paying £140 for us to wait 45 minutes or longer for a good ride​ and not getting to see the whole park so these tickets really do pay for themselves as we will be visiting a lot


When you buy the pass does it start from the day you purchase it or is it from the day of your first visit to an attraction?


I have 3 return tickets (cost £15) and asked merlin if these would be refunded if i collected pass in park (using the tickets to get in) but received a big negatory... "Unfortunately, the return anytime tickets will be unable to be refunded when purchasing Merlin Annual Passes. This is due to admission tickets only being refunded, when a Merlin Annual Pass is purchased on the day, at one of our attractions, with a full priced entrance ticket being purchased. "

Merlin annual pass family pass £97 with Gourmet Society Membership
LocalLocalFound 11th Feb 2017Found 11th Feb 2017
Merlin annual pass sale ending 13 feb. Price listed as 109pp for family pass. Rang and gave my gourmet society membership and price was knocked down to 97 from 109. Currently gourm… Read more

I did use the geographic numbers in the end, took me through to HR Department - who at first seemed helpful, but they just gave me email details for the Box Office, who couldn't have been LESS helpful. Thanks for the info about NHS, some members of family may be eligible, so will look into this. Again, many thanks


Use, there are freephone/geographic contact numbers listed for Merlin and the attractions. I bought when the sale was on and they wouldn't apply any of the other discounts to the sale price (Taste/Gourmet/NHS). In the end we purchased with my wifes NHS discount which was slightly below the sale price, so was the best option. You can access the NHS discount via bluelightcard or healthservicediscounts. But they will want to see the NHS ID when you pick up, so don't bother if you aren't genuinely able to use these discounts.


Don't think you'll get the Sale prices anywhere now (they don't have any sentiment or consideration about any situation), but Good Luck if you try x


Sorry to hear that supersue, I'm wondering if I went to sealife centre , closest to us , would they do it there? We are getting g some help towards these via the family fund so thus discount would be make it more reasonably priced x


Don't bother. I spent a whole day, £10 in phone calls to NOT get through, and when I complained by email they just quoted me FULL (eg post-sale window) price - and no "renewal" prices. Rubbish customer service - they just don't care.

Merlin Annual Pass Sale on £99... Save upto £50 off per ticket
Found 18th Jan 2017Found 18th Jan 2017
Merlin Annual Pass Sale on £99... Save upto £50 off per ticket
BUY YOUR PASS NOW BIG NEW YEAR SALE A Merlin Annual Pass is the only ticket you need to unlock 12 months of FUN at the UK's top attractions. Visit worlds such as Alton Towers Res… Read more
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Cheapest is £109 ...


Yes bare in mind if u don't have a current pass ready for renewal this post is useless please check things before you post not everyone has a pass


​sorry wrong link


renewals: but still a dupe


I've just been on the website, can't see anywhere it says £99!

The Merlin Big new year sale starts New Year's Day at 10am - Now live
Found 28th Dec 2016Found 28th Dec 2016
The Merlin Big new year sale starts New Year's Day at 10am - Now live
The merlin New Years sale starts on January 1st 2017 Update - Merlin Annual Pass sale £129 each - £109.00 each family - £99 renewal The prices haven't been released but based on … Read more

Sorry, just re-read my previous post and should have mentioned when I called Merlin they did say you have to book the passes via the phone. You can't just go to the venue and use the NHS discount. Not sure if this is accurate, but probably not worth taking the risk.


We haven't had them for a few years, but in the past have also waited a while before collecting. And the 12 months has started from the date of collection. We never upload pictures online, fortunate as we didn't know that would trigger the pass to start. If you're considering uploading pics as not everyone will be attending on the day you collect the pass, I asked Merlin how they deal with this. They stated you can just bring passport size pictures for the people that won't be attending on the collection day.


This is correct. They start from when you pick them up unless you upload a photo and you have 6 months to pick them up. We have always waited a few months before picking them up and intend to pick ours up late June or early July this year as our current ones don't expire until May. From the official site: How long do I have? You will have 6 months from the day of purchase in which to collect any new or renewed Pass. The 12 months will not start until your Passes have been collected.


​I'm sure they start once you collect them from your attraction? Unless you upload your pictures online. I haven't bought my renewal yet, but if I do I'll be collecting in June hopefully.


I wouldn't suggest waiting at all, went to collect our passes at the weekend, and the passes expire in less than a year, weve lost out on almost three weeks by waiting to collect them :/

Merlin Annual Passes (Family Tickets) for £103.45 Each (Other Options Available)
Found 10th Aug 2016Found 10th Aug 2016
OK guys, hope someone can benefit from this? I'm taking my kids on a theme park tour of the UK later this month and was looking for the cheapest way to get my tickets and this turn… Read more
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Is this still current does anyone know?


WeQ4U app gets you the call for free from your mobile minutes.


Help pls!! I'm a little confused. We are a family of 5. My husband and I and we have 3 children aged 13, 12 and 5. what are the best value for money tickets I should buy and how many?? As my second child is 12 do I need to buy a family ticket 1 child and another adult?? is that even an option. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


It's 7p a minute and you can't get any other discount with the sale price.


No it doesn't, I've just spoken to them

The Merlin Annual pass 'Big summer sale' starts on the 30th May at 10am
Found 24th May 2016Found 24th May 2016
The Merlin Annual pass 'Big summer sale' starts on the 30th May at 10am
Have seen some posts on HUKD about whether Merlin were doing a summer sale on the passes this year. Got an email today (actually about Lego Nexo knights 4d movie opening this month… Read more

The discount was definitely dependant on the price paid as he queried which tickets we had, I said online ones and he said as you paid this amount you would get this amount off


When I got mine they just needed to see the tickets. I had two Sun tickets which clearly hadn't been paid for, and one Clubcard ticket that again had Clubcard all over it. Maybe different sites do it differently?


I was at legoland yesterday they wanted to see tickets for discount off price, annual premium family price was £129, I got the £15.99 club card tickets so didn't get it, don't want to pay anymore than £85 so hoping that a deal comes up!


Well done Sim. Glad it work out for you the same as it did for me!


I've been to Alton Towers twice this week and both times were extremely quiet. I walked straight onto Rita at 2 in the afternoon.

Merlin Annual Pass sale from £99
Found 1st Jan 2016Found 1st Jan 2016
Merlin Annual Pass sale from £99
Merlin annual pass sale starts at 10am Standard Individual - £119 Family - £99 Premium Individual - £149 Family - £119
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Normally these sales are January only. I still got to collect mine.


They MAY do one in the summer (they did last year, but usually it is January only)


The sale is over, so passes are now full price again. You can get a pass with Tesco vouchers (dont forget that you can get topcashback to convert some of your cashback into tesco vouchers - I think it is £50 per year) The sale is usually every year in January, so perhaps wait till then.


Is there a pass for just the London attractions like Eye, Aquarium, Dungeons etc? Thanks.


Is this price no longer available? : (

Merlin's Annual Pass, sale now on!!
Found 3rd Aug 2015Found 3rd Aug 2015
Merlin's Annual Pass, sale now on!!
Sale now on till the end of August! Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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Just to also say, if you live locally to a Merlin attraction and looking for a job, then there are some great employee perks to be had from just 6 months of employment i.e. free premium annual pass, x-amount of annual passes at highly-discounted rates, x-amount of free day passes and more. I'm not an employee very much in-the-know so it's worth looking at :D


Just had a few days at AT. Very quiet, no queues, very obvious and thorough checks on the rides. As a former HSE inspector,with Fairground responsibility I was quite happy to renew my passes. Always worth adding one premium pass to access the free parking. £6 a time otherwise.


Would love one of these!


​who do you have to know? ;)


You savage!

2 friends for FREE at any Merlin London Attraction @  Merlin Annual Pass
Found 7th Jul 2015Found 7th Jul 2015
2 friends for FREE at any Merlin London Attraction @ Merlin Annual Pass
Bring 2 friends for FREE to any one of the London Attractions* Offer available until: Saturday 18th July 2015 To get this fantastic offer simply visit the Admissions Desks at any… Read more

This seems like a great deal. Rollercoasters break down all the time, but very few people are injured on them compared to the amount of people that ride them. Don't see why people have to blow it out of proportion.



Comment Same... Pik ooked a bit like condom packet


I thought it said **** pass when I first seen the picture!


Scream if you wanna go faster (or need a paramedic)

Merlin  Annual Pass start from £109 PP standard Family pass(Individual  £129)
Found 3rd May 2015Found 3rd May 2015
Merlin Annual Pass start from £109 PP standard Family pass(Individual £129)
Merlin Annual Pass start from £109 PP standard Family pass(Individual £129)

Try December 26th or same time next year


Seems all discount offers are gone now and price is £129 pp for standard pass Is it possible to get any discounted deal


I cannot find this deal!


With the premier pass you can bring 3 friends for £10. But the dates have to be within a few days of your birthday,


Any idea when this deal ends?

Merlin Pass from £99.00
Found 29th Jan 2015Found 29th Jan 2015
Merlin Pass from £99.00
How are those New Year's Resolutions going? Here's one that really will improve your year – to get out and about more with family and friends for some laughter and giggles and FUN!… Read more

Where can I get this discount? any website? Please



Cant see £99 deal now


My quidco got paid at 10%


Thanks for that tip, I'll do that when i buy mine, less pass holders means shorter queues to get on the rides!

Merlin pass January sale £50 off individual pass and £30 off family pass from £119
Found 13th Jan 2015Found 13th Jan 2015
Merlin pass January sale £50 off individual pass and £30 off family pass from £119
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My quidco got paid at 10%


We went to Chessington a couple of times last year and concluded that if you visiting during a school holiday you either have to buy fast passes at extra cost or be prepared to queue for about an hour for each ride. The staff are really, really laid back and are in absolutely no rush to get people on quickly/efficiently.


That's the standard price though. Two years ago the then-standard price of (IIRC) £42 in vouchers was reduced to £35, making them a real bargain. Ever since then however the price rocketed to £48/50 and had never to my knowledge been discounted on Clubcard again.


they are doing this one

zerowing already posted, but i think its a good deal