Anolon Professional 5 Piece Pan Set - £109.99

Anolon Professional 5 Piece Pan Set - £109.99

Found 1st Sep 2006
Anolon Professional 5 Piece Pan Set

The Anolon advanced series of cookware is the product of many years of research and technological advancements in alloy metals. This amazing set of non-stick pans have been put to the test in some of the worlds most famous kitchens and is the cookware used by Raymond Blanc in his cookery school. We are pleased to advise that they passed with flying colours! T

Advanced technology and manufacture makes this a top quality pan set
Heavy gauge hard anodised body - twice as hard as stainless steel
Stainless steel riveted handles for maximum safety and durability
The most advanced durable Autograph non stick interior by DuPont for easy clean convenience and healthy cooking
Heat toughened glass lids
Oven safe to 475 degrees F/240 degrees C/Gas Mark 9 without lids
Set contents: 30cm Sauteuse pan with glass lid, 16cm (1.9L) saucepan with lid, 18cm (2.8L) saucepan with lid, 24cm (7.6L) stockpot, 24cm french skillet

I love these pans - got a load on our wedding list and they cook like a dream. This set usually retails for around £170 and is a bargain at that! I've bought the 24 c stockpot from John Lewis for £60 and am considering returning it when it gets delivered and buying this set instead as for £49 extra you get the other 4 items too!!

2.5% with quidco.
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[SIZE=2]Hmm..negative voting and no comments why - would be useful if people put a reason i.e they know somewhere else it's cheaper?[/SIZE]
Please DO LEAVE a comment if you apply negative vote. Thanks

Here is a bigger pic of the panset:

[image missing]

Its petty to leave negative feedback with no reason. Only way I can see peeps doing that might be as they see this forum as a place for featuring absolute bargains, this pan set may be for what it is but how many would spend that much on a pan set? At least thats what i think they would think lol
You say riker... thanks & the OP knows. Why wouldnt the negative voters do the same?
bluep - Sorry to say mate but you were hit by two users that have been trolling the forums just hitting negative on everything. Their votes have been cancelled and voting privileges taken away. As with everything there always seems to be someone who gets a giggle out of trolling.
Thanks guys. It's difficult as, ok, so if you post a bargain that's a tv, a computer part, a game, a gets rated as hot!! Yet home products don't...fair enough, that's to do with the priorities of the membership here.

However, a bargain is a bargain and if its 40% off of a set that is worth over £200 to buy everything separately anyhow...then someone out there might be happy to know.

So, if people don't want to spend lots of money on houseware (like the knife set that got a bit slated a little while ago), then don't vote it hot, but to vote negatively just because you personally aren't interested in buying that kind of thing is kind of petty.

EDIT - ah okey dokey Admin...guess you find them sorts everywhere! As they say...The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!
[SIZE=2]Entertainment deals are the most popular - as seen from votes & hits. Doesnt mean others arent. I have bought quite a few Kitchen stuff through HUKD and most of them are from Amazon.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]BTW, I have added a better image to your post bluep [/SIZE]
Thanks mumbojumbo & welcome to HUKD
Thanks for the pic Edi.

Mumbojumbo - me too - the £200 kit of saucepans and a small frying pan reduced to £60 was the best bargain ever...I'm now trying to justify buying this set too! LOL.
Im just the opposite, I love kitchen bargains lol! And as I said on the knives thread, I only buy high end stuff so I really appreciate posts like this, however im all 'tooled' up on pans at the moment but i've left some rep so ppl continue posting these bargains... thanks! :-D
Looks a real quality set Thanks for the post bluep

Please everyone vote on ALL deals and leave reputation where it's due! Thanks...
Well Shirl I'll keep on posting kitchen bargains when I find them! Its so worth it buying high end stuff as you realise when you first use it - the difference is remarkable.
For reference, it might be worth noting that, although these are top quality pans, they pans are not Dishwasher safe.
Good point BigBadDad - have never had a dishwasher so didn't think of that!
links don't work and a search of tesco direct shows these as both full price?
Probably because the deal was 7 years ago?
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