Another 10% off at Carpet Right  today between 4pm & 9pm

Another 10% off at Carpet Right today between 4pm & 9pm

Found 16th Oct 2008
Ok it's Carpet Right and they seem to always have offers on - however their current excellent offer of up to 50% off then another 20% is being augmented today between 4pm and 9pm by another 10%.
Worth going for a look if you are thinking of a new carpet in very near future.

"Its Carpet Madness at Carpetright! Theres up to 50% off, then an extra 20% off 1000's of carpets, plus 20% off all Vinyl, Laminate, Rollstock and Rugs!. Its our biggest offer ever and there's huge savings to be made on our massive range of quality carpets, our huge choice of modern Vinyl, our easy-fit hardwearing Laminate and all of our luxurious Rugs, so you're sure to find something you love at a price you can afford.

Plus - for 5 hours only, from 4pm until 9pm on Thursday 16th October, we're giving an extra 10% off already reduced Madness prices!"
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Be careful when calculating the total % off. The discounts will be applied to the full price and not applied in succession. i.e. If a carpet is £50 per sq/m, the discounted price will be £18 p sq/m and not £10 p sq/m.
Cold from me, as I had a carpet recently fitted (if u can call it that)

They made a really rubbish job of it, didnt cut it problerly, left jaggaed edges.
didnt secure carpet to the floor.

they were in and out within 5mins.
I wouldnt recomend these guys.
used to work for them ......boy oh boy
They use external contractors to fit the carpet, they dont do it themselves.
Also - its up to you who you get to fit it, you dont have to have their contractors do it for you...
We had two rooms, stairs and landing with Carpetright carpets. You pay the fitters separately on the day, so it just depends who you get and I imagine that if there was a problem Carpetright would not be interested.

We got our carpets on a similar deal - good reductions from rrp (which is surely just made up anyway), but be aware that the underlay costs a forune. We bought a good quality carpet, but the underlay was full price and cost more per square metre than the carpet.
Oh also carpet right (i heard) will only fit carpets if u have NEW underlay down, and you must buy it from them.
who btw pay pennys for it, and sell it on at 100 times the price.

If you dont they will void your warnintte

(cant spell)
Cold from me.

Bought a bedroom carpet & kitchen vinyl from this lot & both products were poorly fitted & turned out to be VERY poor quality .

Oh also carpet right (i heard) will only fit carpets if u have NEW … Oh also carpet right (i heard) will only fit carpets if u have NEW underlay down, and you must buy it from them.who btw pay pennys for it, and sell it on at 100 times the price.If you dont they will void your warnintte(cant spell)

pretty much correct underlay which cost you say £100 would of only cost around £15 to bring in also comission from the delivery charge sales get 2.50 for everytime they charge you for it. No delivery charge means no comission for them!

but remember all companies have their cost prices!


do not buy expensive underlay unless its for hallway or lounge the rest of the rooms will get away with cheaper underlay.

Ask for a fitters list some stores will supply you this. This saves delivery charges and some fitters will collect carpet for you and come measure for free first.

Most fitters prefer private jobs means more cash goes to them! hence better quality job and they won't be rushed to finish to get onto next job!


Hope this helped:thumbsup:
Had a few carpets from these guys and they are pretty good. Can confirm that you DON'T have to buy there underlay if you want fitting. Normally fit my own carpets but got them to do the hall, stairs and landing. What they did do which was very naughty was charge a premium for the H, S and L (£35) because of the extra work involved on top of the normal fitting fee (£2.5/sq m). The naughty part is you pay them the 'premium' £35 and the rest goes to the fitter, the contractor gets no more for the fitting but they charge it as if he does.
im off to buy a carpet from these today ( only carpet shop in town ) so thanks for the heads up
Google carpet underlay as it is much cheaper to buy delivered to your home.
complete sales scam, purchased carpet from these at £22 sq meter before offer only to find that they increased the price to £27 so they could give you your extra 20% off. Why thats £22 almost!!!. If carpet shops could sell genuinely priced carpets less 70% they would go bust!
further more my parents paid £10 sq meter for the best underlay and when they arrived to fit it, they had bought the rubbish stuff, not that the more expensive stuff is good, be careful!
I have had two carpets fitted by them and vinyl flooring, in fact one was last week, I have a spectacular job done on all and the quality of carpet is ace, perhaps, I am lucky or New Malden branch has great fitting guys.
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