+ANOTHER 12x FREE energy gels + p&p for £3.99 (completely FREE with premier)

+ANOTHER 12x FREE energy gels + p&p for £3.99 (completely FREE with premier)

Found 19th May
I know this may similar to the deal posted a few days ago but you can get ANOTHER 12 free gels with this code. I have successfully claimed the 24(2x12) FREE gels already posted on hot UK deals ON TOP THIS DEAL I'm posting here so in total I have claimed 36 FREE gels!

Add the item to your basket, in the basket simply enter the promo code to get your 100% off discount. If you have a premier account delivery is free, if you don't have premier you'll need to pay for delivery.

I would strongly recommend getting premier, even if you pay £10 it really pays off and if you use a new account you get £5 worth of credit so it effectively costs only £5 to get premier. For £5 you'll receive about £15 worth of items + 1 year of next day delivery(even sundays!) so its certainly worth considering.
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By the time this is delivered, I'll have had 42 Energy Gels + Match Day Fuel Pack + Energy and Performance Pack since signing up for Premier for £4.99 in March... keep 'em coming!
Many thanks OP - no idea why this is going cold...

I just signed up to the newsletter, paid for the premier, and have ordered 24 gels and 6 isotonic gels for the grand sum of £4.99.

That is a great bargain (and maybe there'll be some more freebies over the next year).

That'll keep me going...
Not working for me on my account with sis premier, works when I logout though!
Thanks op.
Shame all SIS and most other brands put artificial sweeteners in their gels. Makes no sense to me. The whole point of these is that they provide energy. Why reduce the calories?!?! Unfortunately my body reacts so badly to any kind of artificial sweetener.
Brilliant! 12 completely free gels and 95p in reward points too 😁 Thanks OP
Just had confirmation of orders despatched - not sure how but have THREE gel bundles and the 6 isotonic gels all for £4.99! Great bargain.!!
Out of stock now
In stock now
Working again now
Could I please ask for clarification of the above claims.

Customer service are saying they don't know anything about free £5 credit with Premier and a new account - Last one (Maria) I specifically asked about free £5 credit with new account and premiere answered that with a new account £9.99 get's you a year delivery and that's it. Is there a link to the info about the apparent free £5 credit because I can't find anything and chat staff are none the wiser.

Edit: I spoke to another member of SIS chat staff (Benadetta) and was told the same (no extras besides delivery regardless of new account) then I questioned her again and she changed her story and said you get 250 points for a new account.. which say says would be worth approx £2.50 credit although I don't know what the requirements are re: minimum points cash out or conditions etc.

'OP: Where is the evidence for the £5 credit with new account sign-ups getting premiere for £4.99??

Apologies if I've missed something but if these chat staff are correct then a lot of UKHD readers will be disappointed paying £10 expecting to get premiere for effective £5 due to this imaginary(?) credit you claim. This is a big money spinner for SIS.. are you affiliated with them or taking handouts? - Details seem shady, I nearly dropped £10 expecting my £5 credit but staff say that's nonsense.

Apologies again if I've missed something.. very possible! Cheers All
When I’ve done it recently there was 500 points waiting for me at checkout which definitely equates to £5 off premium and an extra freebie item.
With help from victor on UKHD (info *all* staff failed to provide when asked!) The extra 250 comes from signing up for the newsletter.

So after effectively wasting all this time, getting the newsletter and communicating with the clueless staff.. *and* paying £5 for 'free' delivery of my 'free' item the code is not working and they want £19.40 for the gels meaning a total of £24.40 spent if I follow this.

Message is:


So will 'attempt' to go through the long queues and to try and my money back.
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