Another Free Hugo Boss Fragrance Samples + Prize Draw
Another Free Hugo Boss Fragrance Samples + Prize Draw

Another Free Hugo Boss Fragrance Samples + Prize Draw

Request your free personal BOSS fragrance sample for yourself and send a free personal messaged sample postcard to a friend.

once again the link...choose your connecton version and then free sample
- ekkababy


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Two currently available:

BOSS In Motionhttp://www.bossfragrances.com/motion/images/packaging.jpg

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The BOSS In Motion man has powerful, positive impact and possesses a sophisticated form of masculinity, instinctively making the right move at the right time, pushing the boundaries and conquering life’s challenges. A man who understands it is not just about building muscles or hedonistic physical perfection; it is about exhilaration. Finding the rush that sharpens the mind and challenges the body.
The BOSS In Motion scent is a fresh, sensual and masculine blend representing the spontaneity of an active lifestyle.

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BOSS Selectionhttp://www.bossfragrances.com/selection/images/packaging.jpg

Free Sample
BOSS Selection encapsulates the sophistication of the BOSS Man; determined, successful and elegant. It’s about striking a note, leaving a mark, an impression, a legacy; the ultimate form of success, achievement beyond material success; distinctive yet always present.

Don't get excited! Its only a post card with a peel off scented sticker. :x

Last time I ordered one of these the postman delivered it with a knowing grin on his face. Stupid postcard!

Im pushing the rating up to 10o

every time u put a comment it puts the temperature up by 0.2!
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