Anova Precision Cooker for sous vide cooking £109.95

Anova Precision Cooker for sous vide cooking £109.95

Found 7th May 2016
£40 off UK sale at Anova Culinary.

Bluetooth Price: £109.95 (usually £149.95)
Bluetooth + WI-FI Price: £129.95 (usually £169.95)

Prices include shipping and VAT.

The Anova is a well respected device with lots of positive reviews and I believe this is the cheapest these have been available in the UK.

Sous-vide is a great technique for getting super consistent results when cooking, think perfect edge to edge medium rare steaks or for things you can't do any other way like 72 hour cooked short ribs. Often used for meat but also can be used for vegetables, eggs, yogurts and much more.

For quick overview of what sous-vide cooking is and what it's useful for see:…de/

or watch this video:…Uw0
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Warning- cooking sous vide can be addictive. Best way (by far) to cook chicken breasts. Used mine tonight to precook ribeye steak before finishing in the pan. Heat added.
Great price, watch out though their service is pretty diabolical & you have to really bug them to get things done.
That said Sous vide circulators are a step above regular "dunk tanks" & this is a great one.

think of it as a heating element with a fish tank type impellor circulator, very responsive temperature adjustment.
When you cook with one of these you will use it a lot, nice to use a big old stock pot (insulate it & let it do it's stuff).

great listing OP, specialist kit, (I got the email & didn't think to try it on here).

It really bugs me though the premium on wi-fi enabled item mrk ups, they are darn cheap little add on's at only a couple of quid for the circuitry.
looking forward to this reaching 52 degrees for two hours. (_;)
thanks for posting, just ordered. Been after one for a while!
I have two as I was a Kickstarter donor. Work great for me. Better than the tanks as much easier to store away. And you can choose your pot/tank to suit your food size. Think I paid £240 for two so prices now are almost as good as early backers :-)

looking forward to this reaching 52 degrees for two hours. (_;)

Touche! ..very "on subject" humour X)
Another item good for sous vide potential is the more advanced 7 in 1 instantpot (& soon to be here wi-fi version).

..& a sterilised (milton) hotel ice bucket with an anova can cook up some great grub if you are in one place for a long stint, ..& if you dare
Last day today (31/05/2016) if you were thinking about getting one.
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