Ant Bully for the Wii only £12.99 @ SoftUK

Ant Bully for the Wii only £12.99 @ SoftUK

Found 7th Jan 2008
Free delivery for Soft UK account holders
(£14.48 inc delivery if not)

Game Zone Review
Gameplay 6
Graphics 7.9
Sound 6
Difficulty Easy
Concept 8
Overall 6.1

For its efforts and its technology, The Ant Bully is worth renting. The fun doesnt come from its tiring missions, but from the unique control features that open new possibilities for the way we game.

Reviewer: Louis Bedigian

Review Date: 12/15/2006

Wii Product Details

Free UK delivery for Softuk Collector account holders

Based on Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming digitally animated family adventure The Ant Bully, Midways action / adventure videogame allows players to experience and explore the marvels of the insect world. Players will take on the role of Lucas Nickle, an outcast 10-year-old who turns his frustrations on the defenseless ant hill in his yard and its tiny inhabitants. In an act of justice, the wizard ant Zoc magically shrinks Lucas to the size of an ant. To earn his freedom Lucas must learn how to live among the colony and survive the perils of the insect world. As part of his incredible adventures, Lucas will experience the daunting scale of an ant living in a human-sized world. The player, as Lucas, will evolve from ant bully to ant hero as he leads the colony in an epic life and death struggle to save the insect world from certain extermination.

Zoc the Wizard Ant, Hova the Nurse Ant, Fugax the Scout Ant and Kreela the Forager Ant are all there to help Lucas in his quest to save the colony. Along the way, hell also encounter the happy-go-lucky Beetle and fatalistic Glow worm, as well as the nemesis of the insect world, exterminator Stan Beales.
Lucas will need to rely on ant-like skills such as stamina, strength and climbing ability to survive in the dangerous environment. Hell learn new abilities such as climbing on surfaces and lifting objects 10 times his size.
Fight alongside ants against enemies of the colony, including wasps, termites and humans. Other enemies include pill bugs, spiders, earwigs, fleas and mosquitoes.
Experience aerial battles and thrilling dogfight sequences by controlling Lucas on a flying wasp and hang-glide safely from one location to another.
Visit locations such as the Ant Hill, Lucas House, Lucas Yard, the Broken Glass Garden, Caterpillar Stables and the Frog Pond from the viewpoint of an ant.
Gain new weapons, armor and ammunition as you help Lucas evolve into an ant. Weapons include Lucas staff, dart bow, lava silk squirter and seed bombs.
Using telepathy, request the help of other ants using telepathy to overcome the navigational hazards of this tiny world. Lucas will be able to request ants perform larger tasks such as having a group of ants form bridges, catapults and ladders to help traverse the environment.
Encounter 18 different missions and boss fights inspired by the movie in your quest to become an ant and experience a wide variety of game play.
Lucas can seek out and collect a series of goods that will help him throughout his adventure,including sweet rocks, honeydew, fire crystals, darts, lava silk, seeds and ammunition upgrades



Added retailer to title Thanks for your post -

Don't forget to use Quidco

Stay Away From Softuk - They Are Crooks!!!
Hence Why They're Not Allowed On Hukd.
Reported As Spam

I'm really nosey but why?


I'm really nosey but why?

One of their staff/owners/whatever was doing a spot of self-promotion on here recently.

Add that to the fact that a lot of orders from HUKD members haven't turned up, and that "comission" hasn't been getting paid....

they suck, basically.

Original Poster

apparently softuk are now allowed on the site (see my other thread about wii games).
i have used them in the past and have had no problems


apparently softuk are now allowed on the site (see my other thread about … apparently softuk are now allowed on the site (see my other thread about wii games).i have used them in the past and have had no problems

you really should have researched it a bit more before posting their "deals"

I have ordered a few games from SoftUK. On the positive all have arrived, although one very slow. Tracking on Quidco terrible, and as usually less than a pound so nothing you can do as Quidco wont refer back to retailer amounts of under £1.

Thanks for helping my curiosity...

Used Soft UK quite a lot & never any probs. But agree Quidco payments are slow but gets there in the end.
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