Ant Bully (GBA) game - £4.98 delivered !

Ant Bully (GBA) game - £4.98 delivered !

Found 28th Feb 2007
Ant Bully (GBA) game - £4.98 delivered @ Game !

Bargain price if you need one.

HMV review : We've all done it on a hot summer day, using the power of the sun and a magnifying glass, found some ants at the bottom of our garden and gone on a bit of a torture power trip. Oh how we laughed as they tried to escape from our evil ways before they met their six-legged maker.

In 'The Ant Bully', new boy in town Lucas is having a hard time from the other kids in his school, and has a lot of steam he needs to let off. One afternoon, he stumbles across a colony of ants, and to the dismay of the ants, thinks it's time to start some bullying of his own.

Unlucky Lucas is in for a nasty surprise though turns out the ants were waiting for him, and with the use of a magic potion, they shrink him down to their size! Now, Lucas must live like they do, in a hilarious action adventure through the murky underworld of his back garden. Use your environment to help Lucas defend from a range of backyard bugs and over-sized obstacles. As Lucas is forced to live like an ant, he learns his lesson as he finds a whole new perspective on life. Based on the CG animated movie, 'The Ant Bully' is an excellent game, and will be loved by gamers of all ages.

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