Ant & Dec - The Essential Collection - £2.98

Ant & Dec - The Essential Collection - £2.98

Found 10th Jun 2009
Best price I could find for this classic album from two of this countries most iconic entertainers.

If it's not in your collection, now's your chance.



Heat from me for making me laugh!

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Why the cold votes? There are two CDs, with a total of 32 tracks. The average reviewer gave it a whopping five stars. It's an obvious deal.

Cold because Amazon spelt "Rhumble" wrong in the tracklisting :x:x:x

Heat added, epic.

Good deal but you have to pay £1.24 for postage and packaging because it's under £5.

Heat added for bringin back memories of 'Let's get ready to rhumble'!!!
It used to get played in a rock club I used to go to, it was quite surreal watchin hairy bikers get up and dance to it!!!
Those were the days......:)

Shame that they didn't use the Ant n Dec spelling of Rhumble.
Who can forget the classics like U Krazy Kats, Our Radio Rocks, Why Me? and the seductive... 'If I Give You My Number' (Will I ****** Off?).

Serious heat for this bargain of two of our finest exports.
This is a classic.

Be nice for these two to stay off the tv for longer than 10 minutes.........pleeeeeeease! both are useless......sooner eat my own.....than listen or look at these two:whistling:

apparently they've got so many lyrics, they're frightened to use them.


apparently they've got so many lyrics, they're frightened to use them.

It's OK, we'll just have to wait for those lyrics to come out of their pores then.
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