Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D PSU/Power Supply £35.98 delivered @ CBC
Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D PSU/Power Supply £35.98 delivered @ CBC

Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D PSU/Power Supply £35.98 delivered @ CBC

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Probably the best budget PSU for those without 2 graphics card and 6 drives (this is enough power for >90% of PCs!)
it's a true 380W which means its no less powerful than a Corsair CX430 or el cheapo 500W.

The "D" indicates this is the newer Delta version not Seasonic, but what i've read they are broadly equivalent in quality, it's not a big step down like what happened with Corsair.

check the reviews.. i can hardly find a bad one

posting this because:
1) i only ever see imho overpriced & overpowered for most PSUs on HUKD
2) it's the best budget PSU i can find after 2 hours research (just had an FSP from a previous deal here blow up, don't want a repeat).
3) i want to see if anyone can beat the total price before i order one

Choose Free 5 day delivery for this price or pay extra for faster.
Never used them before but reviews for the retailer are good too.

** 3 year warranty! **

- they take Paypal.
- not sure about cashback sites, probably not?


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thanks to NoBull here for the inspiration

was going to go with CX430

but reviews for EA380 much more solid, so worth a few pounds more for
- reliability
- talk of motherboard compat issues on CX430, none on this
- extra year warranty
- ball bearing fan should outlast sleeve fans on other similar PSUs
- quiet (according to reviews the 80mm fan on this is quieter than the 120mm on most others, strangely
(CX430 was £31 ish on Today Only at Scan)


now to sabotage my own deal and get something off my chest:
bl**dy americans getting these for like $20 after rebates.. how does that work over there!

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an excellent PSU at a great price.

My favourite thread with a bunch of geeks discussing the deficiencies of the Corsair CX430: tomshardware.co.uk/for…ped

lol i like the 'thanks to NoBull here for the inspiration'... even though he was advising you to get the cx430 and i mentioned the antec!!

good deal nonetheless!

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alright well no one has found a better deal? so i better order one. amazon around £38 when i looked.. gone up to £45 now

edit: naz400r sorry didn't mean to ignore you, and you were right it's better!
i would normally buy seasonic 330/380/430 but can't see any near this price

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This should be hotter

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it's gone up by 18p so why expire it?
i've updated the price, still the best deal afaik (if not, post the better one)

honestly sometimes it feels like people are working against this site.

edit: thanks mod!

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hmmm they still haven' delivered.. a week is quite a long time for computer places
quick update: they delivered about 2 days later, they use royal mail, that's the prob

great psu yes and quiet indeed.

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