Antec NSK2480 Black/Silver Desktop Case 380W PSU £29.79 Delivered !

Antec NSK2480 Black/Silver Desktop Case 380W PSU £29.79 Delivered !

Found 18th Jul 2008
Nice media centre case with 80% eff psu for less than 30 notes delivered !!!
(£21.62 + overclockers silly shipping!)

Quiet and highly efficient 80 PLUS® Certified EarthWatts 380W power supply
- Universal input
- Active PFC and high efficiency design for superior environmentally-friendly operation
- 80 PLUS® Certification means youll save money on your power bills

Triple-chamber structure to isolate power supply and hard drive heat for cooler & quieter operation

Advanced cooling system:
- 2 sidemounted 120 mm TriCool 3-speed fans

4 Drive Bays
- Front Accessible: 2 x 5.25
- Internal: 2 x 3.5 removable HDD trays with
silicone grommets to isolate drive vibrations

4 Expansion Slots

Front-mounted ports for easy multimedia connections
- 2 x USB 2.0
- Audio In and Out

0.8 mm cold-rolled steel construction

Accommodates up to MicroATX motherboards (9.6 x 9.6)

- 5.5" (H) x 17.5" (W) x 16.3" (D)
- 13.97cm (H) x 44.5cm (W) x 41.4cm (D)



I have this case.

Very good budget HTPC case

1 left - selling fast

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Not supprised at this price £60 + elsewhere !

All gone in 20 minutes !

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Well I hope some HKUD'ers got one

I'm really tempted by this - is there any catch? Reason being other sites (Scan etc) seem to have this case pegged at about £60+. Is this the version 1 perhaps? If so, what are the differences between this and the V2 mentioned on Scan's site?

wow - this was awesome!

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Sorry guys, £69.99 + shipping now :()
looks like you missed thje boat. They only had 8 on at the silly price...
Anyone here order 1?

Order Cancelled - ordered @ 13:38


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Aww ! Was worth a shot.

Great find DJ:thumbsup: I would've bought one if I'd checked earlier
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