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Antec P120 Crystal Tempered Glass Mid Tower PC Gaming Case - £72.98 with free delivery at Scan.
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Antec P120 Crystal Tempered Glass Mid Tower PC Gaming Case - £72.98 with free delivery at Scan.

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Posted 2nd Mar

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This seems a very good price; nobody else is this price. Reviews online are all very positive.
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I like the case, mainly where its a Lian Li 011 Dynamic rip off This, the Dynamic and Phanteks Qube all very similar but big difference in prices. Heat, great price
I love the deal but couldn’t help but laugh when I read “nobody else is this price”
price is good but hey its a rip off they didn't need to spend on developing
I would say more “inspired by” than copy. There’s a fair few differences between this and the Lian Li dynamic. Including the width which is why I’m going with this case. For blatant copy look at the Metallicgear/phantecs neo Qube!
Edited by: "Howall76" 2nd Mar
before I went mATX I had a Antec case and it was great quality
wait PSU at top in 2020?
Uberas02/03/2020 19:18

wait PSU at top in 2020?

keeps it away from dusty floor
Great for 3 way crossfire builds

2 horinzontal GPUs and 1 vertical
Ah yes, the 011 sacred cow.

Yet it too copied from other cases. Glass on the front and the side. Fans on the side wall. The dual chamber design. All ideas that were found on other cases before Lian Li released the Dynamic.

I'm not knocking it. It's a great case. And what Lian Li did was take all of these ideas and put them together in a slick package. But the idea that they "own" these ideas is nonsense.

As an aside, it hasn't ever stopped bugging me that Gamers Nexus tested the O11-D with fans. With other cases, they've made a big deal of the fact they ship without fans, and insisted on testing them that way. But Lian Li gets a pass for unknown reasons (Money? Gifts? Sponsorship?).
Edited by: "satchef1" 3rd Mar
Doesn’t he with any case that doesn’t come with fans? Probably a bit of all of them. You can tell from his review of this case that he drowns want to say it’s a good one and goes on about the 011
The gamers nexus review is hilarious. The guy is just so bloody opinionated, he doesn't just review the product on it's own merits. Cash is certainly flowing from Lian Li into his bank account.
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