Anthem Mrx710 AV reciever - RRP 2199 now £1299 SAVE 40% @ Nintronics

Anthem Mrx710 AV reciever - RRP 2199 now £1299 SAVE 40% @ Nintronics

Found 23rd Aug 2016
Anthem MRX710 AV receiver. After hours of research on the AV forums this one came up top dog every time. 90wpc 5 channels driven into 8ohms. Impressive spec list and the Anthem room correction which makes all the difference.

Not sure how much call there is for this product here but it is still an amazing deal for a top end AV reciever.
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After spending £000s on AV equipment, turns out I prefer stereo.
Good discount though, maybe you could add the seller to the title?
anthem are a top notch brand. need to have some serious speakers to drive with this. heat!
Got the MRX-700 here and would recommend it..very tempting to upgrade...thanks for the link
Just got a 2nd hand MRX-510 from The Movie Rooms with a 12-month guarantee for £799, so keep a look out there if you're interested. This is a great price though for a new 710.
No Atmos or DTS:X for those that are interested.
Top-drawer receiver if you don't need the faff of installing extra Atmos speakers for height effects
nice spot; another bit of hifi which i have bought that technically i do not need. Nintronics are also selling the pioneer LX88 for £1,199 which is a contender.
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