Anti-Monopoly (Board Game) £9.99 + Free Delivery to local store @ WHSmith
Anti-Monopoly (Board Game) £9.99 + Free Delivery to local store @ WHSmith

Anti-Monopoly (Board Game) £9.99 + Free Delivery to local store @ WHSmith

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Excellent price as elsewhere this is :-
The Handpicked Collection £19.95
Play.com £22.99
Heal's £25.00
Amazon.co.uk £15.99

In Anti-Monopoly, players are divided into two groups, competitors and monopolists. Each group follows different rules in their quest for big money!

An update of the Monopoly folk game invented by Elizabeth Magie 100 years ago. A twist right out of today's headlines: free market competitors clash with ruthless monopolists.

In the real business world, competitors and monopolists work hard to increase thier incomes - but they go about it in different ways. Competitors sell more goods at a fair price to make a fair profit. Monopolists, on the other hand, destroy their competitors first so that they can fix prices above fair, competitive levels to make excessive profits.

Other real estate trading games are a jumble of competition and monopolism. In Anti-Monopoly, however, players are divied into two groups: competitors and monopolists before the game starts. The players follow different rules (depending on thier status) in their quest for big money. This method of play is a revolutionary idea for games. In all other games players follow one set of rules. It is the idea of movement and choice which allows Anti-Monopoly to the first and only game in history which clearly distinguishes between the actions of competitors and monopolists.

Anti-Monopoly is fun to play, very easy to learn and can be played over and over.


this may be the best price, but the game of Anti-Monopoly isnt so hot.

I've played it and the game is fun until you realise that it is so mechanically balanced that no one can win!

The rent is really low and the bonuses that each type of player gets is balanced in a way that it takes ages for anyone to get any money to start building let alone winning!

In others words, your **** at it?


No way dude. This game is incredibly mathematically balanced, some weird equilibrium goes on deciding dice roles and preventing winning within a reasonable amount of time.

Amazon (US) reviews also suggest this game is no fun to play.
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