Antoine Clevecy Champagne Brut (750ml) - £11.49

Antoine Clevecy Champagne Brut (750ml) - £11.49

Found 12th Feb 2008
Another supermarket doing a cracking offer on champagne!
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Awfully acidic stuff this. Good for Popping and throwing over peoplethough, but do yourself and your taste buds a favour and please "do not put in mouth!"
Best going for the Cremant de Jura from Aldi at 5.99. It's Much, much better and less expensive!
If this one is not to your taste, Tescos has some good offers on champers at the moment. I went for the Champagne De Vallois Brut Non Vintage 75cl - £12.50 down from £26. Might taste rank but worth a pop (excuse the pun!) :-D
Personally, I prefer the offer from Asda, with their Lanson down to £11.99.

Although up to others to choose. Never heard of this champagne though, so won't vote either way...
I have to disagree and I am something of an expert! Sainsburys are doing this on offer and it taste lovely and I should know - spent a couple of years working abroad and my job was to drink champagne day in day out. There is none that I have not tasted :puke:
I have to disagree aswell, I tasted this and thought it was very good. Infact i thought it was that good I bought 100 bottles of the stuff for a champagne reception im throwing :thumbsup:
nice work hot
I bought some yesterday for the missus for Valentines Day today, hoping for a romantic night in and maybe more!
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