Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
Anusol 3 way action pile and haemorrhoids cream was £2.99 now 50p b&m stores CRACKing deal
1017° Expired

Anusol 3 way action pile and haemorrhoids cream was £2.99 now 50p b&m stores CRACKing deal

Posted 27th Jul 2016

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Not to be sniffed at. Normally £2.99 a tube now selling for 50p

Anusol 3 way action pile cream.
Shrinks piles
Relieves discomfort
Soothes itching

Fill yer boots with the usual jokes, but kidding aside it's actually a great deal.
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Heat, simply for the CRACKing comment, and not to be sniffed at
This deal is gonna get hotter than a ring of fire.
If its not a hole tube, then it is a bum deal.
I wondered how long it would take for everyone to pile in.
I've been itching to get some of this
Good deal OP

I only buy it to keep me wrinkle free honest
Tried this but didn't work. For all the good it did I may as well have stuck it up my @rse
stop @rsing around
Apart from yourarse relief is this ok to use for chapped lips?

Apart from yourarse relief is this ok to use for chapped lips?

Should be okay just use a different finger oO
The shop assistant told me they didn't have any on the shelves ..... but there were piles round the back passage. I didn't think it was very funny myself!
is it on the bottom shelf?
Any Vagiclean on sale?


Asstonishing deal. H+
the brand name literally means sunny arseho1e or same temperature as the sun arseho1e
Thank Christ i've never needed any of this stuff, there is no way i'd take this to the till, lol.
Great gift to the **** Boss.
This is a bum deal.
Take that cream and stick it up your bum hole.
Does this stuff prevent 'roid rage?
Grape price
Thought I had two brand new tubes in the drawer. Just went to check and noticed that they are both damaged. I don't know who did it, but somebody's rectum.

haha, I always thought he was saying "I peepee through my bunghole" - This site is full of interesting facts
You've Scored a hole in one with this deal opp

[image missing]

Edited by: "pateo" 27th Jul 2016


How do you pronounce that?
Its also good for wrinkles X)
Ohh me grapes....
Apparently this is brilliant for bags under your eyes! my beautician swears by it.
Haha didn't you feel wrecked taking that pic in the shop??!! oO

A. another
N. no doubt
U. unbelievable
S. source
O. of
L. laughter

(On hukd anyway!)
I just push them back up again. Costs nowt.
A cracking deal to keep your crack healthy and painless
I do hope this is not on the bottom shelf....I have dreadful trouble bending down

Do NOT keep it anywhere near the toothpaste, especially if you are still half asleep when you go to do your teeth.
My father in law suffered with such bad farmers he had to sit in a rubber ring to watch telly.

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