Anusol Cream 23g £2.89 @ Lloydspharmacy

Anusol Cream 23g £2.89 @ Lloydspharmacy

Found 3rd Mar 2011
shrinks piles
soothes itching
relieves pain & discomfort

Anusol Cream provides effective, soothing relief from the pain and discomfort associated with haemorrhoids (piles), itching, fissures and other related **** conditions.

It contains ingredients that soothe and protect raw areas, help reduce swelling, prevent bacterial growth and can promote healing. Anusol Cream is rapidly absorbed and has a vanishing base that avoids staining clothes.

I'm going to shuffle down to my local store tomorrow.
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you know what you can do with this deal don't you ..... you can shove it .... oh yeah ...

Heat added just for the comedy value.
They had piles of these at my local Lloyds.
You heartless B****ds

You heartless B****ds

Ahh - come on, we're not going to sit here with our thumbs ...... ahh, can't use that either.

Let us have our fun and get your head from up ..... nope, not that one ....
Wondered why you were walking funny op

Wondered why you were walking funny op

Ahh - so it's for athlete's feet! ;-)
You guys are such a pain in the bum. Have some sympathy.
piles is a serious condition it doesn't warrant lame a$$ jokes
Edited by: "killain" 3rd Mar 2011

It didn't do 'em any good.
Great wrinkle filler for your eyes
Great thread - had me in stitches!

With their current promotions it's gonna be a while before you get your cream for the pain in your Axs.

Can you wait for your soooothing moment?
please can we get this above the 3 ipad deals that are currently hottest today?
The creme better bloody work, I'm not going to the doctors with it. Not like the perverts on Embarrassing Bodies.
Take it youre standing up to use the pc then? Bless!
Well, hope it doesn't get hot because that'll just make it even more painful!

Take it youre standing up to use the pc then? Bless!

Kind of half cocked on a chair, to be brutal.
its a pain in the dingleberries i must say X)

Kind of half cocked on a chair, to be brutal.

Don't you mean half a$$ed?
Is this all its cracked up to be
Sour grapes?
Re-title it as 'Cost Effective Astronomy Application' and it should get all the iPad owners interested for a few minutes.

Think about it ........
as in cheap cream - for Uranus.

Please come back again, I'm here all week and try the fish.
On the whole a good deal
Well, I certainly won't be giving this one the bums rush!
Edited by: "Jules1212" 3rd Mar 2011
is it on BOGOFF?
bit of a bum deal i think
If it don't work i'll give them a ring!
From an Australian point of view this is a sore point down under! But on a serious note it's a cracking deal..........LOL
Edited by: "Wowhats" 3rd Mar 2011
I'd get some if it wasn't too painful to walk down there, i'll have to order a delivery and sit, I mean stand and wait for the postman
If you get a bad dose though, it's excr excroosh..... very painful indeed. In such a case get Proctosedyl on there, FAST.
It gets the thumbs up from me
on the (w)hole - I like that one oO
I thought my Chemist had sold out but he realised he had a big delivery which had been left up his back passage
Vaguely arousing
can this be sued as a lube
Is this cheap? Not had to buy any yet but thinking of stocking up.

God what did I say?
can this be used as a lube

can this be used as a lube

Would be a interesting way to apply it!
Edited by: "jackisback" 3rd Mar 2011

can this be used as a lube

I think its designed to shrink things. If you are the only bloke on the planet who is after that effect then go for it X)
Its a good product on the whole
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