Any 2 DVDS for £16.00 at tesco instore & online

Any 2 DVDS for £16.00 at tesco instore & online

Found 13th Dec 2016
I saw at my local teaco that you can buy 2x films for £16 new releases I did see asda had a similar deal but that was 3x dvds for £20 so if your just looking for 2.. also seems like their is quite a bit more choice than their was at asda when I saw them

not sure if it's been posted already but haven't really post a deal before so I saw this and haven't seen it on here myself so thought I would post


the 3 for £20 is better value for money and seems to be in all major supermarkets. ASDA and Tesco and thought I saw that someone posted morrisons on here doing the same deal

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Yes I know it is overall a it better value but I thought I would post this as some might want 2 or might want to use tesco clubcard...
was some different films in this for example suicide squad I didn't see at asda at the time but I could be wrong as might be different now

Its 2 for £16 on the new release dvds

Sainsbury's are doing this too
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