Any 2 XBox 360 Games For £60 @ Currys
Any 2 XBox 360 Games For £60 @ Currys

Any 2 XBox 360 Games For £60 @ Currys

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Go easy its my first post. Ive checked and I reckon it aint a duplicate...

A lot of you will remember this offer was on at Currys and PC World for quite a while then ended earlier this year. Well Ive just been into Currys, Stoke, and bought two copies of Army Of Two for me and my mate for £60. The guy who served me wasnt aware of the offer and neither were any of the other staff, perhaps its only just started again?

Anyway, considering the prices you would normally pay for this game everywhere else I reckon its a right bargain! Considering the impending release of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Ill be straight back to buy two copies of that too, as I imagine many other people will too eh

Couple of things to note:

1. The staff probably wont know about the offer so get them to run the two games you want through the till and check it comes up at £60

2. Army Of Two wasnt on the shelves in my store so I got the guy to check out the back and unsurprisingly they had loads of copies. So, if you dont see what you want on the shelf, get them to check their stock!

I don't know if its back on at PC World, youd have to check. I dont think this offer would be available through Currys website, id be surprised if it was, it wasnt last time it was on.

I hope it works for all of you too, enjoy!


A few here on: http://www.dvd.co.uk/images/landingpages/GamesHomePage/LP_2for25XB360.gif

Add any two titles to your basket and at the checkout stage each one will be reduced to a bargain price of £12.50


I think most people know about this anyway but it is good, most the latest games included and my mate works there so we get 2 for £54.

I wonder if you can price match in PC World and get 10% off the difference? That's if PC World don't run the same deal.

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Not bad, but theyre quite old games...

Considering the amount of new titles to be released this month, you would be quids in buying them from Currys at 2 for £60!

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Hey why the cold votes, even if a lot of people do know about it, there arent any posts about it on here! If anyone new looks at the site and doesnt know about this deal it will be a bargain to them

hot for me, good deal!

Ill be getting rainbow 6 vegas 2 and army of two this way I'd have thought

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Thanks my friend
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