ANY 3 for 20 quid ! Beer Deal back on at Sainsburys
ANY 3 for 20 quid ! Beer Deal back on at Sainsburys

ANY 3 for 20 quid ! Beer Deal back on at Sainsburys

Buy forBuy forBuy for£20
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Starts on Thursday til Sunday close of trade.
Fosters 15 pack cans
Stella 15 pack bottles
Carlsberg 15 pack cans
Strongbow 15 pack cans
John Smiths 15 pack cans


Can someone clarify this?

3 packs from £20? ie 45 cans?

Cannot see this on their website? has anyone seen this instore?

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remember, starts thursday

yes this is happening from thursday. they havent advertised it yet

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How can people be voting this cold ?:-( 45 Cans for £20 !

I'm waiting to stock up for Xmas - and want to get the best deal.
I just wondered how come you know this is starting tomorrow?

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One of the 150000 employees, just ordered my stock to keep the masses happy. Probably last time on before xmas as these offers tie up distribution

are there a limit per customer? I'm thirsty..

Voted Hot Thanks

Mix and match possible?

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ANY 3, so, yes, mix and match.

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Limit is at store mgrs discretion. If for resale, then ,sale refused.

Asda has this running most of the year and is a better deal as there is more variety, and i'm sure I saw 3 for £18 in morrisons!

Anyone else remember when these deals were run on packs of 20 cans (only a year or so ago)? Or when a case of beer was actually 24 cans? Those were the days!!!

This is also on at Tesco, max 6 cases per customer.

What a terrible time of year to give up drinking!!!

However, having said that none of these would have been on my tipple list, least of all out of a can.

Have to agree with a previous poster - since when does 15 constitute a 'case'??

Its the 18's in Tesco too, I have just bought some today.

nice deal, hot

Geordie Girl;3718841

Its the 18's in Tesco too, I have just bought some today.

what do you mean? R they doing 3 x 18 for £20 in Mr T?

IIRC, Sainsburys were recently doing 20 x bottles of Grolsch 3 boxes for £20

now THAT was a good deal!

Yes, bought 3 x 18 packs Stella for £20 in Tesco at lunchtime.

Tesco here we come then

Tesco after work then! You might want to post that as a seperate deal!

The tesco deal is very limited
Sainsbury have a better choice so voted hot

anyone know what the choice is at Tesco?


anyone know what the choice is at Tesco?

For certain:

Cases of 18 x 284ml bottles of Stella
Cases of 18 x 275ml bottles of Carlsberg Export
Cases of 15 x 440ml cans of John Smiths Extra Smooth
Cases of 15 x 440ml cans of Fosters


Online the offer at Sainsbury's seems to be a bit different.

Cases of 18 x 284ml bottles of Stella are £9 each and also on a 'buy 3 save £7' so work out at 3 cases for £20. The other beers don't seem to be 3 for £20 online.

That said, if you search on Fosters, you get a special offer link at the bottom of the page and if you click on it, it shows the following beers

Carling 15 x 440ml can
Carling 15 x 440ml cans
Carlsberg Export 18 x 275ml bottles
Fosters 15 x 440ml cans
John Smith's Extra Smooth 15 x 440ml cans
Stella Artois 18 x 284ml bottles
Strongbow 15 x 440ml cans

and reads:

Beer Deal

Buy any product from the list below for £9 or any 3 for £20. **Discount will not show whilst you shop. However, when you receive your receipt from the driver the discount will appear. Offer valid for deliveries by Sunday 14 December 2008. Subject to availability. While stocks last.

The Carlsberg Export is actually shown as £10.98 on this page and not £9.00 and if you click on the individual beers apart from the Carlsberg Export and Stella, they are just shown as £9 each. One way and another, Sainsbury's don't seem to have got their act together.

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